Disadvantage of Physical Fitness

Back Pain After Exercising

Although the advantage far outreaches the disadvantage of physical fitness, there are a few things to consider about being in "your best condition ever."

Physical fitness is something we should all strive for. Fitness is important not only for medical reasons, but also for mental health reasons and for overall quality of life. Being physically fit not only brings the benefit of fewer health problems in the future, but the exercise done to maintain physical fitness is stress relieving and helps you sleep better at night. So while everyone knows that physical fitness is generally a good thing, there are a few reasons why people sometimes look to the disadvantage of physical fitness instead of to all the advantages that come with being in good shape.

Fitness Sometimes Comes at a Price

Although the reasons for people exercising are many, there are many common problems that pop up for people who exercise a lot and are in excellent physical condition. These common problems are often the reasons why people choose not to exercise.

Chronic Pain

Although a normal amount of physical exercise helps to reduce the amount of general aches and pains that people experience, overdoing the exercise routine can cause chronic pain. For example, runners can develop heel and knee problems from the shock of running on pavement. Strength trainers who repeatedly do the same exercises with heavy weights can end up straining joints and pulling muscles. For these reasons, a varied exercise routine is a better route to physical fitness than doing the same routine every day. If you prefer the same daily routine, make sure that you warm up and cool down adequately and that you don't experience undue strain.

Increased Appetite

Many people start an exercise routine in order to lose weight. However, if you exercise at a high intensity level for a sustained amount of time, you may end up increasing your appetite to a degree where you're eating more calories after your workout than you burned while you were exercising. In general, this is not problematic, because even if you do not lose weight, exercising will make your entire body's condition better; your heart and lungs will be stronger, your posture will be better and your muscles will become stronger and better able to prevent injury.

Also, remember that exercises that increase your muscle mass can result in weight gain. If you are exercising primarily to lose weight, set a goal of reducing your waist or hip circumference instead. Increasing muscle mass results in increased weight (because muscle weighs more than fat); however, muscles look much better on your waist than fat does, and replacing fat with muscles results in decreased measurements around your waist and hips. Making a workout plan with a personal trainer will enable you to choose exercises that help you meet your exact goals, whether they're related to weight loss or muscle gain, or both.

Schedule Crunch

One of the most often cited reasons for not exercising is that people are already too busy and an extra hour a day is simply not to be found. While it's true that modern lives are busy lives and that exercising takes time, it's important to make the time in order to reap the benefits of physical health.If your goal is to exercise three times per week for one hour each session, make one of those three times on the weekend. Walk the beach with your family or take the kids roller-skating. You don't have to be in the gym lifting weights to get some exercise. Then you only have to choose two days during the week to fit in a workout.

.Benefits Outweigh the Drawbacks

Making the time to exercise means investing in your health for the long term. Short term, you'll be less stressed, sleep better and have more energy. There are many more benefits to physical fitness than there are drawbacks!

Disadvantage of Physical Fitness