Free Bodybuilding Exercise Programs

Free Bodybuilding Exercise Programs
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Whether you're just starting out with weight training or you're a seasoned professional bodybuilder, free bodybuilding exercise programs can go a long way to advancing your weight training progress and gains.

Choosing the Right Free Bodybuilding Exercise Programs

Bodybuilding is an activity that people enter into for a multitude of purposes. In one case, a mother may be hoping to firm her abs after having a baby, while in another case, an older woman may be prescribed an exercise program to prevent osteoporosis. Regardless of your reason for entering into bodybuilding, finding specific free bodybuilding exercise programs can be difficult and often impossible. In this article you'll find a valuable source for programs that cater to the top 5 reasons women most often become interested in weight training - to achieve a very fit and firm body, to prevent specific diseases and to remove body fat after having children.

Don't Believe the Myths

Women are often put off from bodybuilding because of the myth that lifting weights causes women to become bulky and "look like men." Fortunately, this couldn't be further from the truth. Because of the hormonal, structural and genetic differences between the male and female body, women who weight train with heavy weights on a moderate schedule force their bodies to reduce body fat and increase muscle fiber throughout the body. Because women's muscles are naturally more thin and elongated than men's muscles, women are able to achieve a much more "smooth" and streamlined muscular shape. Women who end up "looking like men" through weight training usually take anabolic steroids for competition, or spend countless hours and using specific exercises that bulk certain muscles. So, with that myth aside, it's time to hit the gym and firm up that body!

Weight Training for Appearance

If you are looking for a nice, toned appearance - then weightlifting is the only exercise that will help you achieve that athletic look. For toning and firming, the focus is on taking advantage of the full range of motion you get from free weights, using heavy weights and training on a constant, regular schedule. If you want to tone up, the following sites are great resources for free weightlifting programs.

  • provides a workout database where you can search for exercises based on the goal to "tone."
  • Lee Hayward, a bodybuilding expert, offers a valuable Basic Bodybuilding Workout on a single page that you can print out and take with you.
  • Truly Huge (don't let the name scare you), offers a valuable free fitness-based workout routine.
  • Muscle & is another valuable source for a whole variety of valuable bodybuilding workouts.

If you're interested in lifting weights to get in shape and tone your body, the odds are good that most of the exercise sites you'll find appear to target mostly men. Don't let this put you off, because buried in most of these sites you'll find entire sections devoted to providing women with valuable information about workouts that will shape and tone.

Weightlifting for Health

While the most popular reason for men to weightlift is usually for building muscle, women usually have a whole variety of motives for lifting weights. While toning is always a priority, many women are very concerned about their health, specifically the two most significant health issues that affect women's health - health of the heart and the bones. If you are concerned with your health, weightlifting is a valuable solution.

  • The Women's Heart Foundation offers a valuable one page list of exercises that you can print out and take with you to the gym.
  • WebMD describes the specific weight training exercises that are most beneficial for a healthy heart.
  • CHF Patients offers their clients (and you) valuable exercise information for increasing flexibility, balance and endurance.
  • The Mayo Clinic describes the sort of exercises that will help you when you're dealing with osteoporosis.
  • The National Osteoporosis Foundation is also an excellent source of exercise information if you want to prevent or handle osteoporosis.

Weightlifting for Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings excitement and anticipation for the brand new baby and major life changes, but it also brings along a whole list of physical and emotional side effects. One of the most effective ways to improve the entire pregnancy, both before and after the birth, is with lightweight training. The following sources offer valuable advice for different exercises that can help.

  • BabyCenter provides excellent tips for safe weight training during pregnancy.
  • Stumptuous is where you'll find a well researched essay on the value of weight training during pregnancy.
  • Healthline details the types of exercises that can help with pregnancy.

Final Words

Regardless of the specific reason you've turned to weightlifting as fitness tool, the truth is that lifting weights is tremendously beneficial for a woman's body and for improving not only your physical health, but also your emotional health and sense of well-being.

Free Bodybuilding Exercise Programs