3Day Workout Routine

Training on the treadmill

An ideal 3Day workout routine will consist of exercises and activities that target different areas of the body. Whether you prefer cardio workouts or strength training exercises, you can work different muscle groups by switching your focus each day.

Weekly 3Day Workout Options

While some people prefer heading outdoors to exercise, others prefer to use cardio machines, while still others prefer to use weightlifting machines. For this reason, three different 3Day routine options are offered here.

For beginners, it's a good idea to spread this 3Day workout schedule over the week. For example, doing day one on Monday, day two on Wednesday and day three on Friday. For those who are already exercising regularly, you can use these on consecutive days, take one day off, and then begin another cycle.

As always, consult your physician if you've previously led a very sedentary life. If you're just joining the gym, seek advice from one of their trainers.

Option One: Outdoor Activities

One possible way to get a good weekly workout is to focus on different activities on different days. The following three activities focus on different areas of the body, which makes this combination of three activities a great way to work toward an all-over, well-toned body. Many exercisers stick to one activity three times a week, but while rowing three times a week can give you killer arm muscles, your legs will be in need of some exercises to get them as buff as your arms. The opposite is true for those who go spinning three times a week.

  • Day One - Swimming: A fantastic cardiovascular workout that is low-impact and works both upper and lower body muscle groups
  • Day Two - Biking: An intense cardiovascular workout that really targets the lower body muscles
  • Day Three - Rowing/Kayaking: A good cardiovascular workout (depending on your speed) and an excellent way to tone and strengthen the upper body

If these activities are not your favorites, you can swap one out for another cardio workout routine that works the same muscle group as the one you replace.

Option Two: Gym Cardio

These three machines at the gym will give you an overall excellent 3Day workout:

  • Day One - Elliptical or Spinning: An intense lower-body workout with cardiovascular benefits as well
  • Day Two - Treadmill: A cardiovascular focus that builds leg muscles
  • Day Three - Rowing: A fantastic upper-body workout option that, for many people, is more appealing than weightlifting

While the elliptical machine and the treadmill may seem to be working the same muscle groups, they do each have their own benefits. For the average exerciser, running on a treadmill can provide a more intense workout than on the elliptical machine, but the elliptical offers a lower-impact leg workout combined with the cardio and leg strength needed for the treadmill. Check out the debate on elliptical vs. treadmill workouts if you're unsure whether to make the first day of this particular 3Day workout an elliptical or a stationary bike workout day.

Option Three: 3Day Strength Workout

  • Day One - Arms & Core Exercises: Follow an arm exercise routine and do some core exercises to target the middle of your body (abs and lower back)
  • Day Two - Lower Body Exercises: Start with different types of squats and continue with static exercises for legs to work out those leg muscles
  • Day Three - Chest, Back & Abs Exercises: Hit the gym today to take advantage of the machines. Start with chest exercises, continue with resistance band ab exercises, and finish back on the machines with lower back exercises and 10 minutes on the rowing machine

Combine Options for a 6Day Workout

If you're feeling really ambitious, you can combine two of these 3Day workout routines into a 6Day sequence, by combining option one and option three or by combining option two and option three. Alternate the cardio days with the strength days for optimal results.

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3Day Workout Routine