Aerobic Fitness Pilates


Aerobic fitness Pilates classes combine fundamental elements of Pilates with aerobic exercise. Pilates is a popular method for the stretching and strengthening of muscles, and when it's combined with aerobic exercise it becomes a comprehensive workout.


Pilates' origins stem from a regiment created for the rehabilitation of soldiers returning from war. The exercises include exact movements done in conjunction with breathing exercises. Muscles are challenged and physical endurance is increased. Pilates was not always considered a mainstream form of physical conditioning, but in relatively recent years Pilates it popularity has grown and it's offered in most gyms and fitness centers around the country. In the past, Pilates was often lumped with yoga as a form of exercise, but there are distinct differences between the two.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise engages large muscle groups while increasing the rate of respiration. This type of exercise is usually done in a recurring and rhythmic way and is sometimes set to music. In order to derive the most benefits from aerobic exercise, the vigorous exercise should be maintained for extended periods of time on a recurring basis.

Pilates and Aerobic Exercise Combined

Although Pilates is oftentimes a slow and controlled form of exercise, it is not difficult to turn it into a form of aerobic exercise. Remember that aerobic exercise does not have to be incredibly strenuous in order to be effective as long as the heart rate is elevated and the exercise is maintained for extended periods of time.

When beginning a Pilates class, it may certainly feel like aerobic exercise. Classes are usually quite strenuous for beginners and can result in an elevated heart rate and quite a bit if sweat. Seasoned Pilates participants may find the classes less strenuous as they become accustomed to the movements, translating into more of a strengthening class than an aerobic one.

Aerobic fitness Pilates combines both elements into one program. Participants get the benefits of strength training as well as aerobic endurance training. Programs like this may also be called cardio Pilates or something similar.

Find Aerobic Fitness Pilates Classes

You can expect aerobic fitness Pilates to potentially become more popular and widely offered by gyms and fitness centers. Until then, these classes probably won't be offered as standard fare by traditional mainstream gyms. Pilates studios may offer these classes on a regular basis, but you will want to call ahead or check the studio's website to find out if these classes are part of the regular schedule.

When calling a gym or studio, specify that you are looking for ''aerobic' Pilates classes instead of traditional Pilates classes. There is a definite difference between the two, and since there are many different types of Pilates classes you'll want to specify what particular class you are looking for.

Books and DVDs

If you can't find a suitable class at a local gym or fitness center you might want to explore the option of purchasing an instructional DVD or book. You can practice this form of Pilates at home relatively easily.

  • DVDs: There is a wide variety of instructional DVDs to choose from if you want to combine Pilates with aerobic fitness exercise. DVDs like Cardio Pilates and Body Burn and Dance Pilates are examples of DVDs that allow viewers to engage in a fitness Pilates program from the comfort of their home.
  • Books: There are books available that are designed to teach people how to incorporate aerobic exercises into Pilates routines. Books like The Six Week Bikini Countdown and Your Ultimate Pilates Body Challenge are both full of great information regarding Pilates mixed with aerobic fitness.

Purchase these books and DVDs at a local bookstore or online. Be sure to purchase a book or DVD that is appropriate for your level of fitness in order to avoid the potential for injuries since aerobic fitness Pilates can be quite strenuous.

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Aerobic Fitness Pilates