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Tamsen Butler
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Aerobics clothing should be comfortable, yet durable. It's important to strike a balance between clothing that is loose enough to provide comfort, yet snug enough to not get in the way of your workout. The best clothing also looks great, whisks sweat away from your body and provides necessary support to help you take your aerobic workout to whatever level you want to reach. As editor for LoveToKnow Exercise and a fitness professional, I reviewed several different types of aerobics clothing and am happy to present my recommendations.

The Best Options

The following brands are all brands I've tried personally and have found them to be exceptional. They all meet my criteria of offering high performance clothing while also being flattering and fashionable.


A newcomer to the fitness clothing industry, Tribesports offers performance clothing for both men and women that is priced lower than the typical price for comparable apparel. This company has been called "revolutionary" and Runner's World applauds Tribesports as a "new approach to run gear." Clothing is available in sizes XS-XL.

Review: I was sent some review products from Tribesports and was immediately impressed by the softness of the material. This clothing kept up with my intense workout, pulling the sweat away from my body efficiently. The two-in-one performance shorts ($29.50) were flattering and functional and the Performance Tech T-shirt ($25) was comfortable and durable. I was surprised by the quality of these pieces considering the low prices.

Learn more: Visit the Tribesports website for more information about their performance clothing.

American Fitness Couture

Appearing within the Prevention Magazine list of "The Coolest New Fitness Tools," American Fitness Couture (AFC) offers American-made activewear that is designed with the average woman's measurements in mind. This company offers a wide range of tops and bottoms made with proprietary spandex thread, as well as fleece scarves. Items have a stylish fit, making these clothes easy to transition from workout to other activities. Sizes offered range from XS to 2X.

Review: I received a pair of American Fitness Couture's signature capris to review and was quite pleased with the fit and performance. The material was soft yet durable, and the I found the cut of the capri flattering. These capris start at $69. This company also ensures that all clothing production is "sweat-shop free" and eco-friendly.

Learn more: Visit the American Fitness Couture website for more information about their stylish exercise clothing.

Under Armour

Included within the 2013 Women's Health Fitness Awards, Under Armour is well-known for offering durable aerobics clothing that is also versatile enough to be suitable for other types of exercise. In my own experience with Under Armour clothing, I've found the clothes to perform well and do not wear out after multiple washes.

Review: Under Armour offers clothing for men, women and children, and also offer shoes and fitness accessories. Prices vary depending upon the item selected, but expect to pay around $50 for leggings and around $25 for tops; look for clearance sales or shop the outlet for bigger savings. Sizes available begin at XS and go to XL, depending up

Learn more: Visit the Under Armor website for information about their line of aerobics attire.


Gaiam's name is typically synonymous with yoga gear, but this company also makes workout clothing that is suitable for aerobic exercise for both men and women. This company was a 2011 Readers' Choice Awards Finalist for their workout clothing and reviewers praise the eco-friendly aspects of Gaiam clothing. Gaiam also strives to present environmentally friendly merchandise, delivering products in "green" packaging. This company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Sizes range from XS to XL.

Review: I was sent a few pieces to sample, so I put them through several tough aerobic workouts to gauge their performance. Every piece I tried featured moisture-wicking stretch fabric, which proved incredibly helpful when my sweat started pouring. In particular, the Breathe Racerback ($58) comes in vibrant colors and was flattering while also staying put throughout my workout. All of the clothing looked good, featuring appealing colors and attractive cuts.

Learn more: Visit the Gaiam website for information about their versatile fitness clothing.

Zumba Fitness

Zumba workouts are fun and energetic, and so are the clothes offered by this company. Known for their bright colors and bold cuts, this workout gear (sometimes called "Zwag") is designed for the fast-paced aerobics workouts delivered in a Zumba class. Workout clothing and accessories are available for men, women and children. Customers are enthusiastic about the brand's quality, comfort and appearance. Clothing is available in XS/S, M/L and XL/XXL. Clothing sizes for Zumba clothes were recently updated to be more true to size; the fit used to be slightly smaller than typical workout clothing, but this is no longer true.

Learn more: Visit the official Zumba website for information about their fun clothing; consider signing up for emails to receive substantial discount offers periodically. The upcoming collection (some of which is featured in the image to the right) will be available in late March of 2014.

Finding the Right Fit

The occasional exerciser may be able to get away with an oversized t-shirt and stained sweatpants, but avid exercisers know that the right workout clothes can make a big difference not only in how they perform, but also in how they feel while working out. Aerobic exercise typically involves a lot of big movements and plenty of sweat, making close-fitting clothing essential for a couple of reasons:

  • Clothing that is too big for you may hinder your movements.
  • Close-fitting aerobics clothes will help pull sweat away from your body, particularly wicking clothing.
  • Close-fitting clothing allows you to get a better look at your own body movements when a mirror is available, ensuring proper form.

There is a fine line between close-fitting clothing and clothing that is too tight. Make sure that the clothing you choose is comfortable yet snug, and does not restrict your movements. Also, ensure that the clothing you're wearing to exercise in makes you feel good about yourself; it's much easier to boldly walk into the front row of a group fitness class if you feel good about what you're wearing.

Finding Your Brand

There is a reason why so many exercise enthusiasts become fans of one company over another; when you find a brand that features clothing that can keep up with your workouts while also looking flattering, you stay with that brand. Try several brands in a variety of aerobic workouts to find the brand that works best for you.

Best Aerobics Clothing