Bicycle Stands for Exercising

Indoor Biking

If you'd like to turn your bike into an indoor exercise tool, bicycle stands for exercising can turn your outdoor bike into an indoor bike that doesn't go anywhere, but does help shed pounds. If you want to keep biking during the winter months, a bicycle stand can be a far cheaper option for biking indoors than buying a stationary bike.

Biking and Exercise

Biking is one of the most popular forms of exercise for those looking for a cardio workout without going running. Biking is perhaps a more gentle transition from not exercising to exercising regularly than running is. Biking can also have excellent health benefits both from a cardio and a strength-training standpoint. On flat surfaces, you can bike long distances quickly for cardio; on hills, you'll have to slow down, but your muscles will engage and end up looking very well trained.

Indoor Biking

Stationary bikes were a very popular indoor bike for a long time. Now, the focus lies more on spinning bikes, which have a heavy flywheel and more gear flexibility to adjust the bike to your own personal perfect level of resistance. Both of these indoor bike options are good. However, these both mean purchasing one bike for indoor exercising and another bike for biking outside the home. Another option is to purchase a bicycle stand for exercising indoors on the same bike that your ride around outside when the weather permits it.

Several bicycle stands are made by different manufacturers-these stands allow you to ride your bike indoors instead of having to purchase a separate stationary bike. Just attach your regular bike to the stand, fix the back wheel and you're ready to go.

Here are some recommended bicycle stands:

Innovative Bicycle Stands for Exercising

Did you ever realize that you are generating power when you exercise? When you ride a bike outdoors, your muscles generate the power necessary to transport your body (and bike) to another location. This is ultimately what biking was all about before it became a sport. When transportation is difficult (uphill), more energy must be generated and when transportation is easy (downhill), less energy is needed in order to transport you and your bike to another location.

What happens with all that energy when you ride a stationary bike? You step off the bike sweaty and having burned 500 (give or take) calories, but where did that energy actually go? Every time you ride a stationary bike, the power you use evaporates into the air. However, an innovative idea is to harness that energy and use it to power your computer or your reading light. The Gaiam bicycle stand power generator attaches your bike to a bicycle stand with a generator attached to it. As you pedal indoors, the energy is harnessed by the generator and can be used to light up your house, heat water, or even power your television. Parents take note: Scared your kids are suffering physically from watching too much TV? Hook your television up to this generator instead of the home's electricity source-your kids will be in better shape and have a whole new appreciation for energy and power.

Whether you opt for the generator or a simple bicycle stand, moving your biking routine indoors is a good way to keep in shape during the winter months.

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Bicycle Stands for Exercising