Bodyweight Exercise DVDs and Downloads

Bodyweight exercise

Bodyweight exercises rely on the weight of your body for resistance and strength work, making you stronger and stable. Squats, push-ups, and lunges are all examples of bodyweight exercises; putting bodyweight exercises together into a comprehensive workout can make for a challenging session. Some of the best workout DVDs feature nothing more than bodyweight exercises.

You Are Your Own Gym

Based on the bodyweight exercise protocol introduced in his book of the same name, Mark Lauren's DVD You Are Your Own Gym includes versions for beginners, intermediate exercisers, and those who are advanced. It costs approximately $25.


Do the workouts three times a week to build strength and start developing muscle. Each workout varies in length from 15-25 minutes, making the DVD a good choice for people who are pressed for time.

Variety of Workouts

In addition to the basic DVDs, Lauren offers specialized bodyweight DVDs for specific goals including posture improvement, pain-free mobility, and bodyweight exercises specifically for runners to help build up the correct muscles for running. Lauren uses his expertise in training military members to develop his training programs on the DVD.

The Benefits

Other than the brevity of the workouts - which make it easy to fit into a busy schedule - this DVD earns high marks for being challenging and not requiring any equipment.

TRX Training Bootcamp: Ropes and Straps

TRX is a suspension resistance program featuring ropes and body weight exercises. All the exercises that are traditionally done with hand weights - like rows, biceps curls, and even triceps extensions - can be done with TRX straps and bodyweight. The TRX Training Bootcamp: Ropes and Straps DVD is an excellent introduction to the TRX moves that might otherwise intimidate exercisers.


This TRX workout can serve as a strength workout, which should be done around twice a week (with at least one day of recovery in between each TRX workout). The workout on the DVD is 60 minutes long, but comes with a laminated chart of exercises that can be done outside of the DVD workout

Equipment Needed

Though TRX workouts are indeed considered bodyweight workouts, TRX straps are required in order to do the workout. Purchase straps for around $200, while the download is only about $5.

The Benefits

TRX training can be quite challenging and requires both strength and stability. As you continue to train with TRX, you will notice an improvement to your functional strength and overall physical abilities.


Produced by Men's Health, CONBODY is presented by ex-inmate Coss Marte and based on the workouts he learned while incarcerated. Marte claims he became ripped in his time behind bars, using only bodyweight exercises in his cell.


CONBODY suggests one workout per day. The DVD, which costs about $30, features five different workouts and each are fewer than 25 minutes. Though they suggest daily workouts, it's a good idea to take a day or two off during the week as either a recovery day or an easy cardio day.

Suitable for Any Space

Since the workouts were originally devised within a prison cell, not a lot of space is required for the workouts. That makes this DVD ideal for people who want to work out at home yet don't have a great deal of space to do so.

The Benefits

The workouts are intense and short, and require no equipment or very much space. It's a good program for people who can tolerate very vigorous exercise and who can push themselves to the limit.


A combination of Pilates and yoga, PiYo is a quick-paced bodyweight workout set to music. PiYo was created by Chalene Johnson, fitness expert and Beachbody celebrity. The DVD is around $32.


The PiYo DVD comes with a nutrition guide and a 60-day workout calendar. Follow the workout calendar and the nutrition guide for the best results. Each workout is 30 minutes long.

Low Impact

PiYo doesn't include any jumps, and though there is a cardio aspect to the workout, it is still low impact. The music timed to the moves can make the workout seem more fun. and though it's not a dance workout, keeping the beat can help some people stay motivated.

The Benefits

The addition of the nutrition guide and workout calendar makes PiYo a comprehensive program that is suitable for both beginning and advanced exercisers.

Warrior Shredding Program

Available on-demand, the Warrior Shredding Program is a system including bodyweight exercises, nutritional guidance, and access to forums to socialize with other people on the same program.


The program prescribes three workouts a week, 45 minutes each. The program costs about $70 for the whole thing.

An At-Gym Workout

The workout for Warrior Shredding Program requires equipment, yet still utilizes bodyweight as the main resistance. For example, triceps dips require dip bars, yet the weight comes from the exerciser's body - not from hand weights or barbells.

The Benefits

The community aspect of this program is one of the biggest benefits; it helps participants stay motivated and discuss the challenges of this challenging program. Though the program is marketed to men, women can try the program as well.

Bodyweight for Strength

There's no need to use additional weights with the right program. Bodyweight exercises can be incredibly effective in building strength and can be done nearly anywhere. Find a DVD program that motivates you to exercise and push past the muscle fatigue that comes with this type of workout.

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Bodyweight Exercise DVDs and Downloads