Bodyweight Exercise DVDs

Bodyweight exercise

Use bodyweight exercise DVDs to create a fitness routine perfect for use almost anywhere. Using your own body weight is inexpensive and convenient. When you travel, a DVD isn't going to add a lot of weight or bulk to your suitcase; you'll just have to make sure you have a television (with a DVD player, of course) or laptop at your destination. There's no need to purchase extra weights or equipment, so you can get a workout at home for less than $20.

Bodyweight Fitness

Spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on home gym equipment or fitness club memberships may be out of reach for many people who need to get in shape. Being able to work out using your body weight as the main form of resistance makes perfect sense, as you can take your workout anywhere and do it any time you wish.

Plenty of exercise moves incorporate body weight as the main form of resistance. You may even be practicing some of these moves all ready and not realize it. Common bodyweight exercises include:

  • Push-ups
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Abdominal crunches
  • Pull-ups
  • Leg lifts
  • Chair dips

Cardio training is often the focus for many people who want to lose weight fast. Jogging, biking, walking and jumping rope are great home workouts to help shed pounds. Weight training is often ignored or pushed aside by many home exercisers, as it often requires particular techniques and equipment. By doing bodyweight exercises, you can develop more muscle mass without a gym, trainer or paraphernalia.

Bodyweight Exercise DVDs

Most bodyweight exercise DVDs require little to no equipment. However, some do make use of chin-up bars or core balls. Read the entire description of a DVD before purchasing to make sure you have the necessary equipment to complete the routines.


Pick up a copy of FlowFit with Scott Sonnon to get started with a bodyweight DVD. With a five-star Amazon customer review, this DVD can help you get fit, gain endurance, and lose weight. Most reviewers state that the workouts move from beginning to advanced, making it perfect for an exercise newbie.

Warrior P.T.

The Warrior P.T. program was developed by Scott Ringler, a chiropractic doctor who once served as the captain of the Martial Arts Competitive Team at West Point. The program contains over 40 exercises and people who purchase a copy of the DVD will also get an illustrated guide with additional instructions and photos of the various exercises.

Encyclopedia of Bodyweight Training

The Encyclopedia of Bodyweight Training is a three-part DVD series led by instructor Steve Cotter. The DVDs focus on upper, lower and core bodyweight exercises. Over 40 exercises for each segment are listed. Download short video clips from each segment to see exactly what the DVDs are like. For example, the core workout download includes a short segment featuring Cotter demonstrating how to do moves like circular leg raises and the scorpion. The set is simple and so are the instructions, making this a great DVD series.

Reasons for Purchasing DVDs

Purchasing a DVD may seem pointless. After all, most people already know how to do push-ups and crunches. But there is more to a DVD than just the basics.

  • Variations: DVDs can provide variations on traditional bodyweight moves. Some DVDs might offer modified positions for those with physical limitations or limited space.
  • Increased Difficulty: Get off that plateau by increasing the difficulty of your bodyweight moves. Learn how to do one-handed push-ups, jackknife push-ups, Hindu push-ups and more from a DVD in order to increase the intensity of your workout.
  • Additional Moves: The list of exercises listed above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bodyweight exercises. Incorporate new moves into your regular routine that you learn from a bodyweight DVD.
  • Routine Motivation: If you are someone who frequently "cheats" when it comes to reps, a DVD that counts for you is perfect. DVDs also offer a premade routine, perfect for people who are unmotivated to create their own workout.

Exercise DVDs are relatively cheap when compared to other types of exercise help. Trainers can cost anywhere from 20 to 200 dollars an hour and equipment can cost thousands. Finding the right gym can be time consuming and expensive. Bodyweight exercise videos can help eliminate all of those troubles. Take what you learn from the DVDs and use them on the road, outside or with friends at the park.

Additional Resources

A number of bodyweight exercises and resources can be found online. Incorporate the information you find in these websites into your bodyweight workout routine or alternate a routine you develop yourself with a DVD:

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Bodyweight Exercise DVDs