Calories Burned While Walking

Backpackers On a Long Walk

Though fitness experts still debate whether walking is sufficient exercise for significant reduction in weight, the calories burned while walking remain a step in the right direction.The rate of your heart is the major factor in speeding up your metabolism and, thus, putting your body into a weight loss mode.

High-Intensity Walking

The Walking Site is an excellent resource for individuals looking to start a weight loss program by walking. This site outlines the important cardiovascular benefits of rigorous walking, but it also provides details as to the amount of walking you will need to do to lose weight. According to The Walking Site, you will burn an average of 100 calories per mile of intense walking. The higher the intensity of your walk, the higher your heart rate will soar, and therefore, the greater the calorie-burn. This site also details the average amount of steps you will need to take to reach one mile, which, for most people, equals between 1760 and 2640 steps.

Tracking Your Calories Burned While Walking

You will want to pay close attention to the length of your walking route. Since one mile burns roughly 100 calories, the number of miles you want to walk should depend on the number of calories you are looking to burn. Walking around a football track is an easy way to calculate the length of your route; or perhaps you live in a pleasant neighborhood and choose to calculate the miles of your walk route by using resources like Mapquest.

Treadmills, of course, utilize electronic displays that catalog your mileage and the speed of your walk, thereby making things easier for weight loss enthusiasts. However, treadmills do not provide the ambience of an outdoor walk and many individuals find themselves getting bored with their walking routine more quickly when they are using a treadmill regularly.

Things will get considerably more complicated if you choose to track the length of your walk by individual strides. It's quite a feat to count each step in your head as you walk a distance of four miles or so. This is why it isn't a bad idea to invest in a pedometer or even something as advanced as the Fitbit which will not only calculate the steps you have taken, but also the calories you've eaten and burned that day.

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Calories Burned While Walking