Cardio Strip Aerobics

Woman exercising on pole.

Women (and perhaps some men) who are looking for a fun way to get in shape both in and out of the bedroom might like to try cardio strip aerobics. Teri Hatcher of Desperate Housewives does it, and so did characters Doug and Carrie on King of Queens. More recently, Ellen DeGeneres tried out a few moves from Carmen Electra.

The Basic Workout

Depending on the class you take, a strip aerobics workout will vary, but you can expect to perform moves that involve bending over, shaking your hips and flirtatiously wiggling your body. Most cardio aerobic routines will work your entire body as you shake, shimmy and dance, with most of the focus on your legs and torso. If you're taking a pole dancing class, you can expect to have more upper body involvement as you learn to twist and move around the pole. Keep in mind - these are cardio classes, not strength training classes. You may end up challenging your muscles and feeling sore afterwards, but most basic strip aerobic classes should be supplemented with alternate strength training routines.

The number of calories you burn during a strip aerobics workout will depend on how hard you work, how much you weigh and how strenuous the class is. In most cases, as long as you're working at a moderate intensity level, you can expect to burn between 300 and 500 calories per hour.

When performing a strip aerobic routine, you'll generally learn how to perform a sexy walk, how to bend over and stick your booty up into the air and how to perform sexy moves while sitting, standing, dancing and even crawling. Most routines will also incorporate moves designed to enhance flexibility.

So Why Strip?

Women who work as exotic dancers often have to be in great shape. After all, they need to look good to keep their job, get the best tips and not get winded after several hours of dancing. Whether using a pole or not, these girls get their exercise at work.

While a number of workouts can help you achieve weight loss and a fit body, many of them lack the excitement of stripping. Sure, jogging and group cycling can help get your body into tip-top shape, but if you hate the workout, you will be less likely to continue the routine. Having a workout that is not only fun, but makes you forget you are even exercising is a key to keeping up with a program.

Like other weight-loss workouts, cardio stripping is only as good as you make it. Choosing a video or class that does not challenge you will likely result in few body changes. When choosing your strip aerobic routine, pick one that runs from 30 minutes to a full hour with heart-pumping workout songs and sweat-worthy moves that will help get you into shape. Pole classes often use lots of upper body strength, making them perfect for women who need to work on their arms, shoulders, and backs.

Newbies Need Not Fear Nakedness

Few strip classes encourage women to actually disrobe down to their skivvies in their cork stripper heels. Instead, the focus is on working your body and loving what you already have. Gyms that do permit mild stripping may allow you to wear an oversized t-shirt with a halter or sports bra and tight biking shorts under some lightweight pants.

Learn the strip aerobics policy of your gym by talking to the instructor or class coordinator beforehand. Other questions beginners should ask include:

  • Are the classes women-only or mixed gender?
  • Does the aerobics classroom have windows where others can see in?
  • How often is the class held and are there various instructors? You'll want a schedule and instructor you feel comfortable with.
  • What is the class format and level? They may vary from facility to facility or class to class.

Although it may sound daunting, finding a place in class up front, near the instructor, can make the workout easier. You have a better view of exactly how to do the moves, as well as get more personal attention to correct any mistakes.

Cardio Strip Aerobics Classes and DVDs

Strip aerobic workouts can be done anywhere from fitness clubs to your home living room. Pros and cons are to be had with both options.

Cardio Strip Classes

Fitness clubs across the nation have incorporated cardio strip aerobics into their class scheduling. These classes allow you to watch a live person do the routine while receiving feedback which can enhance your overall workout. Additionally, classes often have new and varied routines, ensuring you a new challenge each time. One thing to keep in mind is that if you are shy or body-consicious, this may not be the best exercise class for you.

To find a strip aerobic class, contact your local gym or fitness center.

Strip DVDs

The home workout industry is booming and cardio strip DVDs are no exception. With choices ranging from Urban Striptease Aerobics with Tricia Murphy to Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease to The Exotic Dance Workout, you will definitely find the one to suit your style. While the convenience and privacy of having a workout at home is appealing to many, remember that you cannot get personal advice or instruction, and doing the same thing everyday can get rather old. To combat workout boredom, alternate between one or two strip DVDs.

Give It a Try

Cardio strip aerobics is an energetic and exotic way to stay in shape. Even if you normally consider yourself fairly modest or conservative, trying a cardio strip routine every now and then can help you mix up your workouts and stay motivated to exercise. Plus, you may just find that you have some pretty sexy moves that you can take from the aerobic room to the bedroom.

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