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Reading about different types of exercise (and the fit bodies that can result) can be helpful, but seeing images of them is even more beneficial. Looking at slideshows of exercise can be motivational and instructional, and there are plenty from which to choose.

Getting Inspired

Even if you don't aspire to become a buff bodybuilder, looking at photos of great abs, bulging biceps, or rock-hard pecs might be just what you need to motivate you to get serious about your fitness goals. And while it is true that not everyone is cut out to be a fitness model, the right work out tips will help you sculpt the body you desire. Let the fitness models and bikini fitness models do their thing while you find ways to exercise without getting bored with the routine.

Learning New Moves

There are so many different ways to get your activity in each week, all of which have varying intensity levels. For example, working out in water can prove more challenging than expected because the water provides resistance throughout your movements. Low impact exercises may be easier on the joints of the body, but can really get the heart pumping. When you're ready to take your fitness to the next level, consider trying some isotonic exercise.

Exercise for Everyone

Fitness isn't only for the super-fit or hot people. Children need to exercise to stay healthy and help them set the stage for an active life. And it's never too late to become active, no matter what season of life you're in. Seniors need to stay active to help retain their independence as they age and enhance their quality of life.

Gentle Exercise

Exercise isn't always a sweaty situation. Gentle movements benefit the body, too. Photos of people stretching reveal that gentle movements can be challenging without lifting a single weight. In fact, Pilates exercises will substantially help build core strength, usually only with body weight and no additional heavy weights.

Having Some Fun

Exercise doesn't have to be tedious if you're enjoying yourself. Funny exercise photos will give you a chuckle as you plan your next workout and learning what not to wear to the gym will help you become a gym babe instead of a "gym don't."

Photos As Motivation

The next time you see a photo of a person enjoying exercise, allow this to serve as the motivation you need to get moving. Remember to take your own progression photos so you can have evidence of your progress as exercise becomes a bigger part of your life.

Exercise Tips With Pictures