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For a quick exercise that can be done at the home or gym without taking up a lot of space, consider trying a dumbbell squat clean. Squatting clean can give your muscles an extra workout while the dumbbells take… Keep reading »

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Strength training is not just for bodybuilders. In fact, it should be part of most everyone's workout regimen.

Benefits of Strength Training

Contrary to popular belief, strength training is not just for those desiring bulky muscles. This exercise is also an essential part of a fitness weight loss program. Strength training, weight training, and resistance training tone and lengthen muscles, giving the exerciser a firmer, leaner profile. Other benefits of this type of exercise include:

  • Increased metabolism: Thanks to the "afterburn", your body will continue to burn calories long after you've finished your weight training workout.
  • Increased strength and endurance: As you workout, you will increase your muscle strength over time. In addition to making you stronger and better able to lift weights, this will also improve your endurance.
  • Improved posture: As your muscles and joints get stronger, your posture will improve naturally. You will stand taller and straighter, resulting in less back, neck, and shoulder strain.
  • Improved mobility: Strength building exercises, over time, improve your range of motion. This, in turn, improves balance, flexibility and mobility.

Types of Strength Training

Do you automatically think of dumbbells and barbells when you hear the phrase "strength training"? While lifting weights is an effective method of strength building, it isn't the only strength game in town. Resistance training is another effective way to build strength, tone muscles, and lose weight.

In resistance training, an opposing force is used to challenge and strengthen the muscles. One type of resistance exercise, training with resistance bands, is a low-impact way to tone and strengthen muscles without building bulk. Many exercise machines, such as Bowflex, also utilize resistance to build muscle.

Strength Training