Christian Exercise Video

Christian Exercise

The Bible tells Christians, "Physical exercise has some value, but spiritual exercise is much more important, for it promises a reward in both this life and the next." (1 Tim. 4:8) Christian exercise videos provide inspiration and motivation for both.

Christian Fitness

For those who hold to the Christian faith and the Bible as God's inspired word, the message is unmistakable. Humans are to take good care of their bodies. Books like Basic Steps to Godly Fitness: Strengthening Your Body and Soul in Christ by personal trainer Laurette Willis, offer ways to be fit from the inside out. Her Body And Soul In Christ program provides practical tips for turning routine daily activities and exercises into acts of worship. Exercises include:

  • Ten-minute exercises known as PraiseMoves®, which provide Christ-centered alternatives to yoga
  • Step-UP, which is a 21-day exercise program
  • Strategies for achieving maximum nutrition and weight loss
  • Easy-to-prepare healthy recipes

The Dieter's Prayer Book is another devotional resource to help Christians to put diet into a spiritual perspective, offering hope to those who have tried and failed to lose weight though dieting.

Christian Exercise Videos

Along with books, there are a host of Christian exercise videos that promote fitness with a spiritual theme.

Sweating in the Spirit

This 55-minute DVD stars fitness expert Donna Richardson, who guides those exercising through step-by step "gospel aerobics" along with strength training, Pilates and stretching.

Walk the Walk: 1 & 2 Mile Workouts

The 45-minute Christian exercise DVD encourages Christians to begin their day with a prayer and a mile or two. Personal trainer Leslie Sansone leads the exercises, taking you through two in-home walking workouts. These exercises are intended to refresh and energize from the inside out. The workouts can provide the following benefits:

  • Condition the heart
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Boost metabolism
  • Lift the spirit

Tae Bo: The Power Within

Billy Blanks' "believer's workout" focuses on faith and provides an inspirational Tae Bo fitness program for Christians. This program is designed to help users to:

  • Lose weight
  • Develop physical strength
  • Build spiritual strength

Taking It to Higher Ground

This exercise video provides a total body workout that includes:

  • Pumping warm-up
  • Step warm-up
  • Breakdown of the step routine for cardio exercises
  • A "slammin" step cardio
  • Upper body workout
  • Cool down

Proper form is emphasized, so exercisers gain the most effective results. Along with the physical benefits, motivational Christian music and an inspired message teach listeners to take care of their body as God's property.

Why Christians Struggle with Weight

One of the fruits of the Spirit is self-control. So why is it that so many Christians struggle with being overweight? It's easy to point the finger at other areas of self-indulgence, like drinking too much or spending too much, but what of those who eat too much?

The Christian community tends to focus around food to socialize. Christians even joke about being overweight, but it is no laughing matter. It hurts your testimony. One of the problems is our focus on food to socialize. Think about the ways Christians center our gatherings around food:

  • Potluck dinners
  • Going out to lunch after church to socialize
  • Meeting at a coffee shop to chat

To change this cycle, Christians must turn to God's word to find the strength they need. Instead of focusing on food, you must turn your attention to the Lord and His will for your life.

His word reminds you, "Food is for the stomach, and the stomach is for food."

It is a temporary pleasure. When you center your attention on food, you take it off the Lord just like Eve did in the Garden of Eden. She allowed her temptation of what looked good to her to draw her attention away from the things of God. Once that happened, the devil tempted her to take and eat it. Even though she knew she shouldn't.

Inspiration to Get Fit

In today's culture people are bombarded by advertising to draw their attention off the things of the Lord, to satisfy their temporal desires. Think about it. How often do you crave a food, gobble it down and then regret it? Most times you eat it without really enjoying it, and then you reap the consequences. Christian exercise videos offer spiritual and physical help to combat the world's attempt to get you fat. If you're looking for spiritual help to get you exercising, an exercise video that also feeds your spirit might just provide the inspiration you're looking for.

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Christian Exercise Video