Free Toning Exercises

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Thanks to the proliferation of fitness websites on the Internet, there are a number of places to find free toning exercises. Some have been created by professional fitness organizations, while others have been designed by fitness instructors, as a means of advertising their skills. Fitness-enthusiast websites also have free toning exercises, but they may not be backed up by research and reliable information.

How to Choose a Fitness Website

The vast number of fitness websites makes it challenging to determine which one is best. In most cases, it's best to look for a fitness website that is designed by someone with professional fitness expertise. Make sure, however, that you understand the instructors' written directions about how to do the exercise. Some otherwise brilliant instructors have excellent routines and wonderful offline communication skills, but have not yet mastered the art of written communication.

Your personal learning style should also be taken into consideration. Some people can read an exercise description and know exactly what to do, while others require a photo, or even better, a video. The best websites offering free toning exercises update the routines on a regular basis. If you have injuries or physical limitations, look for websites that offer modifications or alternatives to the featured exercise.

Fitness Website Registration

Fitness website registration is a controversial issue, which has numerous pros and cons. Registration enables you to store your program, but some people do not like the invasion of their privacy. Registration fitness sites often require you to enter your height, your weight and information about your diet and exercise habits. While this may help you determine the best possible program, if you do not want feel comfortable about storing this information on an unknown website, there are plenty of sites that do not require registration.

Types of Websites Offering Free Toning Exercises

Most of the websites that offer free exercises for toning the body specialize in a specific type of workout.

Free Pilates Online

Pilates should really be practiced under the guidance of a professional, certified instructor, but if you are looking to supplement your Pilates toning program, consider these websites.

  • Myfit offers an extensive selection of Pilates exercises.
  • Easy Vigour: Easy Vigour is a comprehensive Pilates exercise website, which was created by Bruce Thomson, a former veterinarian turned Pilates instructor. The site features both static and animated Pilates exercises.
  • Pilates on Fifth: Pilates on Fifth offers cutting edge Pilates video podcasts, which can be performed on the mat or on balls, bosus or with bands. You can register for the site and receive updated programs, or you can follow them on YouTube.

Free Strength-Training Programs

There are many websites offering free strength training exercises, but few match the professionalism displayed on ExRX. The website was created by James Griffing as a master's thesis. It features animations of just about every weight training and body weight exercise, as well as an anatomy chart of the muscle group and information about the supporting and antagonizing muscle groups. Advice about sets, repetitions and training schedules is also offered.

American Council on Exercise Fitness Library

The American Council on Exercise, otherwise known as ACE, is a major certifying body for personal trainer and group exercise instructors. A segment of the website is dedicated to educating the general public and features an informative exercise library, which offers free toning exercises. You can choose the body part you want to work, as well the type of equipment you want to use, which may include bands, balls, bosu weights or body weight. You can also choose beginner, intermediate or advanced exercises.

Collecting a list of no-cost toning exercises may be a viable means of preventing exercise burnout.

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Free Toning Exercises