Hip Hop Abs

hip hop abs

Perhaps you've heard of the Hip Hop Abs workout program or you're just intrigued by the sound of it - either way, you're not alone. This exercise program is attracting a lot of attention and for good reason. It's a program created by Shaun T., a former overweight hip-hop enthusiast. Shaun promises you a washboard stomach without ever having to get down on the ground and do a single crunch. At this point, you must be thinking that this lofty promise surely seems too good to be true and rings of a scam. However, independent experts and diet reviewers say that Shaun T. really does have something effective and fun with his workout program. Here's an overview of Hip Hop Abs.

Develop Your Abs the Hip Hop Way

How the Program Works

If you're into hip-hop music, then you've probably noticed that your favorite stars have some great looking abs. This is because several of the dance moves used in hip-hop art require the abdominals to contract and expand - having the same effect as a crunch. Hip-hop dance moves are also very fluid and require a dancer to exercise their central abs, the bottom and top of their abs and their oblique muscles (or love handles). Essentially, hip-hop dance exercises every part of the abdominals. Experts have acknowledged that hip-hop dancing is an excellent way to give your abs a complete workout.

So what Shaun T. promises is not untrue - you can get killer abs without performing a single crunch. However, this does not mean you won't have to work hard. Hip-hop dancing is an intense workout. Not only will your abs get a full workout, but so will your entire body. Your arms, legs and butt will also get thoroughly exercised. Hip-hop dancing is also an aerobic activity; you'll be doing exercise that is healthy for your heart and that will help you burn calories and lose weight. All these are additional benefits of the Hip Hop Abs routine. Remember though, Shaun T. makes a special effort to focus in your abs.

What You Get

For $60.00, or three installments of $19.95 if you purchase from an infomercial, you get the complete abs routine. This includes the following:

  • 13-minute Secrets to Flat Abs
  • 30-minute Fat Burning Cardio
  • 45-minute Ab Sculpt
  • 40-minute Total Body Burn
  • 50-minute Hips, Buns, and Thighs
  • 5-minute Last Minute Abs
  • 17-minute Take it to the Dance Floor
  • 25-minute Hip Hop Groove
  • 10-minute Last Minute Dance
  • A nutrition and diet guide
  • Measurement card
  • Tape measure

Why This Workout Program Is So Popular

Reviewers and exercisers say they love this workout program mainly because it is so much fun. Most abdominal exercises and workout routines are quite drab, difficult and repetitive. Shaun T. really does make effective abdominal workouts fun for those who like to dance. You do not have to be a dancing pro either; Shaun's moves are easy to pick up and he thoroughly explains how to do them.

The biggest con to this workout program is that it may not be for everyone. If you've had two left feet your entire life and have always hated dancing, then you'll want to find another way to work out your abs.

Purchase From a Reputable Retailer

This workout program is sold on TV through infomercials and by other retailers. Many "As Seen on TV" products have several negative reports listed on watchdog websites from consumers who say they were scammed. However, there are very few complaints about this workout program on independent websites. Most of the complaints regard the retailers, and not the manufacturers, who sell the program through infomercials in addition to their own vitamin and weight loss packages. You do not have to buy the program through an infomercial though - here are some reputable retailers that sell the program:

A Fun and Demanding Workout

While this program still requires hard work in order for you to see results, it does provide a fun way to hip hop dance your way to great looking abs.

Hip Hop Abs