Jump Rope Tricks

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Learning new jump rope tricks is very fun, and also a way to lose weight.

Three Levels of Jump Rope Tricks

The best way to master jump rope tricks is through hard work and practice. Starting with the basic tricks will improve your balance, dexterity, and speed. Moving up to intermediate will test your stamina and focus. Finally, practicing advanced tricks will put your acrobatic abilities to the test. Remember, swing the rope with your wrist, not your arms.

Basic Tricks

Once you establish a good jump rope rhythm that you can maintain indefinitely without fumbling, you're ready to start playing around with a few basic tricks.

  • Heel Exchange: Jump one; tap the heel of one foot on the ground in front of you. Jump two; switch feet and tap the heel of your other foot in front of you.
  • Toe Exchange: This is identical to the heel exchange, except after each jump you will alternately tap your toe on the ground behind you.
  • Single Sideswing: After a jump, place your hands close together and perform one rope swing with the rope to one side of your body. At the end of the swing, open your hands again and continue jumping as normal.

Intermediate Tricks

Intermediate tricks can take some practice, but once you get it right, they look great. They're also a lot of fun once you can complete them without fail.

  • Irish Fling: Jump one; land on one foot as you tap your other foot to the side. Jump two; land on the same foot and tap the other foot a little more forward and to the side. Jump three; tap the foot in front of you. Jump four; you'll land on the same foot again, but bend your leg and lift your ankle up in front of you. Final jump; you'll be starting back at the beginning but with the legs switched.
  • Leg Over: This trick is your first step to moving up to advanced jump roping. After your first jump, lift your right leg up and jump with your left leg, and at the same time putting your arm behind your right (raised) knee. As the rope comes around, pull your arm out and finish with a sideswing and completing the trick.
  • Front Cross: This trick sounds simple, but it takes practice. Jump once as normal, cross your arms in front of you and jump through the hoop, then uncross and continue jumping.

Advanced Tricks

When you move on to advanced tricks, you should have established excellent balance, stamina, and focus. You can perform basic tricks without even trying, and intermediate tricks with very little effort. Now it's time to really put on a great show with advanced tricks.

  • Cross-Cross: Perform the intermediate "Cross" trick, but quickly uncross and then cross again before you jump.
  • Behind the Back Cross: Are you flexible? If not, don't try this advanced trick! After the first jump, cross the rope with your arms behind your back. After the next jump, quickly uncross your arms. After each jump, before you cross, your arms should go behind your back. This is what makes this particular trick work.
  • Push-up: Really want to impress someone? Show off your upper body strength with this trick. Bounce and drop to the ground in a push-up position, with your legs extended. Jump up by pushing yourself upwards with your arms, while at the same time pulling the rope backwards and under your feet. End in a standing position and continue jumping, or drop down again and perform the same trick!

Remember to Have Fun

Enjoy the health benefits of jumping rope and the fun of mastering tricks. Whether you decide to compete or if you simply want to jump rope for personal fitness, remember to have fun!

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Jump Rope Tricks