Jump Rope for Fitness Interview

Buddy Lee

This jump rope for fitness interview offers advice from fitness expert Buddy Lee. You'll learn why jumping rope is great for your body and see if this fun activity from childhood is right for you.

Jump Rope for Fitness Interview

This jump rope for fitness interview with Buddy Lee will help you determine if jumping rope is something you should include in your fitness routine.

About Buddy Lee

LoveToKnow (LTK): How long have you been jumping rope for fitness?

Buddy Lee (BL): 30 years! I started out one hot summer day as a 15 year old in my front yard. My next door neighbor, role model and black belt in karate, Mr. Rainey, was jumping rope for his training, performing all these fancy arm crosses and side swings, much like boxers do. I was in my first year of wrestling, and never hesitated to look for new ways to improve myself, so I got the attention of Mr. Rainey, and asked him, would he show me how to jump.

At first it was hard on my feet, but I kept at it for hours until I became proficient. When I put that rope down at dusk, I had learned to be light on my feet and I had mastered the one basic jump. And this is what I always tell people: you must first truly master the basics before you move on to more advanced techniques.

Jumping for Fitness

LTK: What makes jumping rope such great exercise?

BL: Two movements must be synchronized, with timing, rhythm and coordination! It requires a third of the time of most exercises to improve physical fitness. Improves balance, coordination, speed, quickness, agility, timing, rhythm, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

LTK: Is jump rope good for anyone?

BL: If you're over 35 you should consult a doctor before starting any exercise program. Jump rope is good for almost anyone. If you have problems with incontinence, it is a good idea to first build up the pelvic floor muscles with kegel exercises. If you are obese, it is a good idea to first lose some weight through diet and walking, etc., otherwise it can be too much on the joints. It requires you to jump only one inch off the surface so it becomes low impact. A person who is already engaged in fitness can include jump rope as a complement to their already existing exercise program.

LTK: How often do you recommend someone jump rope each week and why?

BL: I recommend three to five times a week or every time you exercise. One should engage in at least 30 min of moderate exercise five times per week, but preferably vigorous exercise unless a doctor advises differently. Jump rope is a good and safe choice.

LTK: What other exercises do you recommend with your jump rope routine?

BL: I recommend calisthenics to include pushup variations, pull ups, sit-ups, stretching, jogging in place and dips.

Jump Rope Training

In his book, Jump Rope Training, Buddy Lee provides a total system for fitness including warm ups, cool-downs and special considerations for injuries and injury prevention. If you haven't picked up a jump rope since grade school, you'll be surprised at how much there is to know.

Jump Rope Training gives advice on different types of jump ropes, choosing the right length, proper grip, jumping techniques and more. Later, you'll learn how to build endurance, gain strength and improve your conditioning for various sports. It quickly becomes obvious that jumping rope is more than just a fun game. It is a powerful tool for creating a fit, healthy body.

To learn more, check out Jump Rope Training, available at Human Kinetics or on Amazon.

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Jump Rope for Fitness Interview