Kid Workout Videos

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Fitness is very important for children of all ages. Give them tools, such as workout videos, targeted to their age groups. A wide selection of videos is available for youngsters of all ages, from babies and toddlers through the teenage years.

Workout Videos for Young Children

It's never too early to have your little ones learn that exercise is a fun activity that will help their bodies become strong and healthy. Workout videos geared toward this young age group include fun movements, dance and routines that are done to simple songs and music.

A popular workout video aimed at the 2-6 year-old audience is Monkeydoos: Gallop, Hop and Stomp - Baby and Toddler Exercise Video. This 30-minute video set in a jungle theme has the children follow along with the hostess Maureen and her friends, Twist, Tumble and Flip, who are animated monkeys. Together they lead the children through a series of simple movements and activities as they enjoy a jungle adventure.

Another excellent video for kids aged three and up is Coz and the Kid Crew. You and your kids will have fun exercising and dancing as Coach Coz teaches simple dances that include:

  • The Twist
  • The Sprinkler
  • The Worm
  • The Snake

Babies and toddlers will love the Baby Pro Series. These DVDs introduce your little ones to the joy of movement and physical activity. Set to classical music, this multi-sensory series includes BabyPro's Let's Play Ball, Let's Dance and Tumble and Let's Make a Splash.

Videos for Elementary School-Aged Children

Many kids love hip hop and 65 Energy Blasts offers an exciting way to get them moving. Created by Judy Howard, each blast is one minute and fifteen seconds long. Do one, ten or all 65 in a row for a real fitness workout. Other video workouts for kids created by Miss Howard include 6 Fit Kids Workouts (for kids 8-13) and Get Strong 101, which is aimed at all ages.

A fun workout including stretching, strength training, aerobics and cool down movements for kids aged 5-10 is Kids Exercise With Arfy. This lovable, giant dog promotes self confidence and good health as he shows your children, along with your assistance, the proper way to use light weights. Toucanz Trail Obstacle Adventure uses a different approach than most exercise videos for kids. Aimed at children 6-11, this DVD uses the child's imagination as you help them create imaginary obstacle courses at home. There are also instructions to help set up real obstacle courses.

Young teenage girls who love to dance will enjoy Byou. Disney star Sabrina Bryan leads an excellent dance workout session for girls 8-13 that teaches them fitness can be fun.

Where to Find Kids Workout Videos Online

The following are a small sampling of the many wonderful websites that offer exercise workout videos for kids.

  • Cindy Crawford, fitness expert and former super model, will have everyone up and exercising with her Mini Muscles and the FitWits exercise video.
  • Collage Video offers workout videos for toddlers through teenagers.
  • A wide selection of exercise and dance workout videos for kids aged 2-13 is offered at Active Videos.
  • The Movin' and Groovin' Kids Fitness series from Exercise for Kids will have everyone up and moving.
  • Fitness Beginnings has more than 100 exercise videos for kids.

Beginning Lifelong Fitness

Although an age guideline is given on some children's exercise videos, many kids that do not fall into the suggested ages still enjoy working out to the videos. Motivating children to get up and exercise at an early age helps them to understand the importance that movement and fitness have on building a strong, fit body. Teaching them that exercise can be fun sets them on an early path that leads to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Kid Workout Videos