Low Impact Exercises

Low Impact Exercises to Try

Not everyone can take part in high-intensity workouts. It may be a matter of health or a condition, such as pregnancy. That's where low impact exercises come in -- you can still get the activity you need without worry over injury.

Swimming and aqua aerobics are wonderful workouts that won't stress your knees, ankles and other joints.

Ride a Bike

You can enjoy the scenery outdoors on your bicycle or you can ride a stationary bike when the weather is bad.

The Elliptical

Stroll your way to fitness on an elliptical machine. You get the benefits of a leg-bearing exercise without stressing your lower body.

Along with the stairclimber, the elliptical is usually a gym staple.

Rowing to Fitness

The rowing machine offers several benefits to anyone looking for a low-impact workout, including a seated exercise plan.

If you prefer outdoor workouts, enjoy rowing a boat across a lake.

Step Aerobic Routines

Forgo the jumping and pounding. You can still get your heart rate pumping in a step aerobics class.

Fitness Walking

Walking is one of the easiest low impact exercises anyone can do. It's almost always safe for pregnant women and overweight individuals (but check with your doctor first).

Another low-impact activity you should try is stretching. This gallery of people stretching will show you how to do it right way.

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Low Impact Exercises