Physical Exercises for Children

Go Out and Play!

With an increase in obesity rates and obesity-related health risks, it's more important than ever to follow a healthy eating and exercise plan. Children are not immune to these issues, which is why physical exercises for children should be a part of their everyday lives.

Kids love to play, so to get them moving, try and make activity fun. These various examples of physical exercises for children accommodate kids of all ages.

Make a Splash

Most children love swimming or splashing around in a pool or the ocean.

Parents should always supervise kids in the water -- what better way to do that than to take a dip yourself?

On the Ice

Playing hockey can burn a lot of calories and be a lot of fun at the same time.

Soccer Stars

Soccer requires coordination and skill. Playing on a team bolsters confidence and social skills, as well as provides a good deal of exercise.

Physical Exercises for Children

Don't forget to stretch! While children are often naturally limber, teaching them to stretch at a young age demonstrates how important it is.

Team Players

Whether baseball, basketball or football, playing on a team is beneficial for children of all ages.

Tennis, Anyone?

Hand-eye coordination, speed and agility may all improve when a child takes up tennis.

On Two Wheels

Most children know how to ride a bike. In addition to taking them where they want to go, bicycling strengthens legs and improves balance.

Have a Ball!

Give a group of children a ball and they'll make their own fun and games. Structured play is nice at times, but adults should let kids take the lead and just feel free to play, too.

More exercising pictures may provide you with the inspiration you need to get moving!

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Physical Exercises for Children