Pictures of People Exercising

Pictures of People Exercising

This girl is doing a sort of traditional exercising - lifting weights at the gym. She seems to be having a good time while she's at it, which is a nice feature of lots of pictures of people exercising. While the idea of going to the gym may not appeal to you, seeing these pictures may well help motivate you to get exercising.


Pilates classes are a fun way to work out at the gym if lifting weights is not your thing. You can see in the muscle tone of these exercisers that medicine ball exercises, as well as several other types of Pilates and yoga exercises can lead to highly developed muscle tone.

Extreme Sports

Extreme sports are just the right kind of exercise for some people. Although it isn't necessary to bike for hours or run a marathon if you just want to get in shape, for some people, extreme sports are the only way to go because of the fun and excitement they bring. If going to the gym bores you, find something a little more adventurous.


Skiing is another example of an exciting, outdoor sport that is tons of fun, but also excellent exercise. Although not all skiing can be termed exercise, at least part of the day you will be burning enough calories to make sitting beside a fire at night with hot chocolate a guilt-free pleasure.

Playing is Exercising

Kids often don't know it, but what they consider ultimately fun often includes a fair amount of exercising. Whether swimming, playing tag, or playing a friendly game of dodgeball, they all include a lot of moving about, which is exercise. If you're at a loss for ideas for exercising, just watch your own kids (or any kids) playing on the playground or at the park. While you may not be able to repeat everything that they do, the things that you try will probably be enjoyable!

Yoga Groups

Another way to get inspired with pictures of people exercising is to join some kind of class or group of exercisers. If exercising alone means that you frequently decide to 'skip' just today's workout, but you find it happening more and more frequently, you may need to join a group or a class. These folks seem to be having lots of fun with their yoga practice.

Solitary Run

For others, the solitude of a workout can help clear your mind and either get you ready for the day or help you work through everything that transpired that day. Running, walking, and biking are good options for this type of exercise because the motions are so repetitive that not much thinking is required, which enables you to think about other things.

Sports Teams

Getting some friends together or joining a sports team is a fun way to get exercise, skill, and enjoy some competition while you're at it. A team could be for anything from basketball to baseball, or for something like synchronized swimming, but whatever the team or group does together, exercising will be fun and you probably won't feel like you are exercising.

Dancing to Burn Calories

Dancing, whether you do it in a nightclub or in a ballet studio, can burn lots of calories and tone your muscles. As this dancer illustrates, it's not just toned muscles, but highly developed ones that can result from dancing as exercise. Of course, it's also lots of fun!

Indoor cycling is another great form of exercise that is gaining in popularity. Join a class at your gym to learn how it works and to get motivated by the instructor, or purchase an indoor cycling bike for your home with or without instructional and motivational DVDs to go along with it. Reading Indoor cycling bike reviews will ensure that you get the right bike for your level of expertise, as well as your budget.

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Pictures of People Exercising