Pilates Home Gym

Pilates Home Gym

Are you ready to set up your own Pilates home gym? Have you been taking Pilates classes regularly? Would it be more convenient to schedule your workout at home? If you feel comfortable saying yes to the first and enthusiastic about saying yes to the second, then yes, it's time to set up your own Pilates gym at home.

Pilates Home Gym: How To

The great thing about setting up a home gym with Pilates in mind is that you don't need a lot of equipment. Pilates Kits are obtainable for a reasonable price at stores like Target and Wal-mart. The kit comes with balance ball, mat, resistance bands, power ring and instructional video. This portable home gym set-up is great for traveling, taking to the office or tucking into the closet when you are done with your workout.

Workout Mats

While Pilates gym machines exist, the cost is sometimes prohibitive and like all other home workout equipment, it takes up a footprint of space within the home. Mats are simpler and create comfort zones for the body while doing Pilates. Another advantage of workout mats and Pilates kits for your Pilates home gym is that even with the full cost of the kit and a few extra accessories, it's still going to cost a lot less than Pilates equipment.

Pilates at Home

If you're ready to set up your in-home Pilates gym, you need to keep the following principles in mind. These principles are important not only to your workout, but also to your success in working out at home. Too often when people make the leap from working out at the gym to working out at home, they let slide some of the techniques that made their gym workout so successful.


The principles in no particular order are:

  1. Fusion of mind and body are the goal, so you should pay attention to your body's response to every movement in order to maintain graceful form.
  2. Breathing is important to your circulation and success. It's important to remember and practice the breathing techniques you learned in class. Holding your breath or failing to breathe correctly may make your workout more difficult or you prone to injury.
  3. Your exercises are focused from the core of your body; this means you need to engage your abdomen, buttocks and back.
  4. Create a workout space that allows you to concentrate because focused intent helps you achieve your goals.
  5. Since every Pilates exercise relies on precision, it's important to practice those movements exactly. Don't get sloppy or lazy in your motions.

At Home Pilates

Setting up your Pilates home gym is just one step on the road to creating a daily routine that builds strength, reduces stress and improves harmony between the mind and the body. You should work out every other day or, at a minimum, 2 to 3 times per week. You should work out at the same time, each time, to build consistency and harmony into that workout. Periodically, take a Pilates class with a certified instructor. This can help you stay sharp and may even teach you some new movements that you can add to your routine. Exercise DVDs are great, but they are not always as accessible as an in-person instructor. Because you are not working with an instructor regularly, it's important to recognize that new techniques are better learned in person to reduce risk of injury.

As with all other forms of exercise, be sure to warm up your muscles before you perform your Pilates and cool down when you're done.

Pilates Home Gym