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Richard Simmons

If you want to get fit and have fun doing it, Richard Simmons exercise videos will help you do just that. While Jane Fonda encouraged people to get fit in the 1980s and most of the exercise gurus you saw on television were women, Simmons was the funny, unlikely fitness buff who seemed to be everywhere in his trademark short, striped shorts and curly 'do.

A Fun Fitness Fanatic

One quality that Richard Simmons has in spades is his enthusiasm. You can't help but get excited when watching him. It's also very apparent that he cares very much for the overweight people he tries to help. Simmons was overweight himself and knows exactly how difficult it can be to lose weight. He talked about this aspect of his life and how he found exercise, which helped him lose the excess fat and become healthy.

Still, unlike the bodybuilders of the day who walked around with massive muscles and abs you could bounce a quarter off of, Simmons was short and didn't show off rock hard pecs. His main goal was to keep exercise fun for everyone. He combined music with his infectious personality to create memorable videos that anyone could work out to, no matter what their level of fitness is.

Find Richard Simmons Exercise Videos

Although Simmons' heyday was in the 1980s and 1990s, you can still buy his videos to get in shape. If you know someone who bought his tapes when they first came out, you might be able to view vintage Richard Simmons footage. With the advent of DVDs, you're more likely to find videos in this format today. The good news is that Simmons' videos are available on DVD.

His own website carries a collection of Richard Simmons exercise videos for the serious Simmons fan. Some of the videos you can buy include the following:

  • Sweatin' to the Oldies: This was an extremely popular video and spawned several volumes. Simmons combined oldies tunes with exercise moves to get participants up and moving…and sweatin'! If you love classic tunes such as Wipe Out, My Boyfriend's Back, Dancing in the Street and Mony Mony, then this is the collection for you. You can buy Sweatin' to the Oldies Volume One separately, or you can own the entire five-disc collection.
  • 60s Blast Off: You don't have to work out all day long to get fit. A minimum of 30 minutes per day a few times a week will get you started toward your fitness goals. This video packs a punch in half an hour. Get your aerobic exercise in while you listen to classic 60s music, and get in the best shape of your life.
  • 80s Blast Off: If you're a child of the 80s, perhaps you'll like this video better. Again, Simmons packs in a full body aerobic routine in 30 minutes, so get ready to sweat, move and have a great time while listening to tunes like Maniac and Freeway of Love.
  • Blast N' Tone: Combine this body-sculpting video with your aerobic choices for total body conditioning. This half hour workout focuses on building lean muscle by working with weights. It's no secret that muscle burns more calories than fat, so let Richard Simmons guide you to perfecting your weight-lifting technique with free weights that will target your triceps, glutes and abs.
  • Disco Sweat: What music entices people to move their bodies more than disco? You will definitely get a great workout in this 70-minute video that sets Simmons against a disco floor backdrop. Add in some hot 70s tunes such as I Will Survive, I Love the Nightlife and Shake Your Booty, and you won't be able to help yourself from dancing your way into shape.

Other Sources

You can also find Richard Simmons videos at the following:

Also, don't forget to look at garage sales or eBay, where sellers may have authentic decades-old Richard Simmons videos for sale.

Fit for Life

Richard Simmons isn't going to tell you that he has a magic pill to help you lose 50 pounds overnight. He's willing to work out with you to help you reach your fitness goals. You can have a great time listening to music and having fun while shedding pounds with the videos from this famous fitness guru.

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Richard Simmons Exercise Videos