Pictures of Ripped Women's Abs

Great Abs

A lean set of six-pack abs is more than visually attractive. A great-looking midsection usually denotes good health.

Pictures of ripped women's abs can be motivating to women who want to be toned and fit. It takes more than non-stop crunches to get a sexy core like this, so find out what you can do to get ripped abs like these.

A Healthy Diet

Abs like these won't show up until you melt away fat. Cardio routines like running, kickboxing and aerobics burn a lot of calories, which works off layers of fat.

Inspiring Ripped Women's Abs

Eating five to six small meals a day keeps your metabolism stoked and your energy high.

Make sure you eat the right foods -- whole and minimally processed healthy foods are not only better for you, they make you feel fuller for a longer period of time.

Tried and True

Of course, you can always do crunches to get ripped women's abs.

Traditional floor crunches work, but you can also add variations using stability balls and medicine balls for an extra challenge.

Staying Active

Sure, crunches can get you a toned middle, but doing the same routine all the time can get boring.

Add fun to your fitness with sports and games. You get good core workouts playing volleyball and tennis.

Ready for Summer

Another benefit of working for toned abs like these is feeling confident in that two-piece swimsuit come summertime.

Work at It

Six-pack abs won't happen overnight, but you can achieve them by working out on a regular basis.

Adding strength training to your fitness routine allows your body to burn more calories, even once you stop moving.

Allover Fitness

Now that you have more information on what it takes to get ripped women's abs like these, move onto exercises for sexy glutes for toning up that rear.

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Pictures of Ripped Women's Abs