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Fitness is important for people of all ages. Just because people hit a milestone birthday is no reason to stop being active. Senior citizens and those with physical issues can use Sit and Be Fit exercise videos to stay in shape with a program designed especially for them.

About Sit and Be Fit

Mary Ann Wilson, R.N. developed the Sit and Be Fit program using her experiences with seniors and those with post-polio problems. She holds her certification from ACE (American Council on Exercise), and is a member of SFA (American Senior Fitness Association) National Advisory Board, among other accolades.

Chair Fitness

The program itself focuses on using a chair as the main form of exercise equipment. Moves are gentle and slow, making them perfect for the target audience. Other simple pieces of equipment, like balls and towels, are also used. The general focus of Sit and Be Fit is on toning and strengthening, especially for particular physical conditions.

Public Television

Sit and Be Fit began airing nationally on public television stations in 1987. After an overwhelming response, the series began developing exercise videos in addition to the television program. Over the years, more than 20 videos have been produced, and the founder and series have won 11 awards. In 2000, Sit and Be Fit became a non-profit organization.

Choose the Proper Type of Exercise

Sit and Be Fit offers a number of specialty videos and videos comprised of moves from the show. The Best of the #800 Series includes a short weight segment in addition to the regular chair exercises. Many products are available in both VHS and DVD format. To help you choose the right workout, several search features are available.

Recommendations by Medical Conditions

From arthritis to diabetes to stroke, this chart allows you to find a workout that suits a particular health need.

Quick Workout Selection Guide

Use this guide in order to figure out which videos need what accessories, which have closed captioning as well as the kind of pace, and types of exercises that you want.

Browse Products

Simply browse through the listing of various DVDs and VHS tapes to find a program you would like to try. Note that numerous videos are available on YouTube as well.

Specific Conditions Recommendations

Scroll through the list to find a health problem and then click on the link to see what exercises are recommended for exercising with that condition.

Sit and Be Fit Exercise Video Examples

Some of the exercise videos you might be interested in from Sit and Be Fit include:

Arthritis Workout

Winner of the 1997 Consumers Digest Best Buy Award, this video is designed for those with arthritic conditions and follows the Arthritis Foundation guidelines. The Original Arthritis Workout is included.

Balance and Fall Prevention Workout

Help prevent injuries from falling by using this video, which focuses on circulation, leg strengthening, and balance exercises.

Osteoporosis Specialty Video

This video focuses on posture and emphasizes the upper body. A large portion of this video is done while seated.

Medical Cautions

As with any exercise program, seniors who wish to engage in Sit and Be Fit exercise video workouts should speak with their physicians and be given the okay to engage in vigorous activity. Carefully read all of the information regarding each video. Even though many are geared towards particular health problems, they may end up aggravating other conditions.

To Learn More About the Program

You can find out more at the Sit and Be Fit website. Learn how to support the non-profit by becoming an advocate of the program, making a donation, and telling a friend about the series. Chair fitness helps make exercise accessible for seniors and those with medical conditions that prohibit standing for long periods of time.

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Sit and Be Fit Exercise Videos