10 Impressive Bodybuilder Photos

Hard Work Pays Off


Bodybuilders put a lot of effort into their physique, and their hard work shows. Though women participate in bodybuilding, this slideshow celebrates the chiseled male form.

Ripped Back


The well-conditioned latissimus dorsi muscle is responsible for this bodybuilder's amazing back. Want a muscular, toned latissimus dorsi? Try pull-ups.

Abs of Steel


The rectus abdominis muscles are on full display here in this impressive six pack. These abs aren't just made in the gym; nutrition takes a key role in developing the midsection.

Strike a Pose


Bodybuilders present poses on stage that help showcase their muscles and bulk. These competitors eat many calories in a day to maintain their mass.

Physique Competitors


Bodybuilding and physique competitions differ. Physique competitors don't necessarily strive for bulk and eat low-carb diets.

Body Art


Some bodybuilders have tattoos. It's not generally frowned upon as long as the body art doesn't distract from the muscles.

Impressive Six Pack


You won't find so-called love handles on bodybuilders. They put a lot of effort into avoiding any pockets of fat on their bodies.

Tough Guy


Muscles don't necessarily guarantee a good fighter. In fact, without proper training, muscles may not win over technique in a fight.

Body or Art?


Darker skin helps showcase muscles while hiding flaws. Many bodybuilders tan regularly or indulge in spray tans before hitting the stage.

Muscle Display


Every move bodybuilders make on stage is pre-planned and extensively rehearsed. Hours at the gym, strict diet, and proper supplementation are all on display when bodybuilders strike their poses. It's hard work to maintain the lifestyle of a bodybuilder and it demands full dedication.

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10 Impressive Bodybuilder Photos