Thigh Slimming Exercises

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One area of the body women never seem to be happy with are the thighs. Other than the stomach, it's probably the one part of the body that's the hardest to hide, meaning it's much more scrutinized and an area that is always compared to what's seen on other women. Because of that, good thigh-slimming exercises are always in high demand.

Jump-Start Your Toning Regimen

It's important to change up the exercises you do now and then; it's like jump-starting a car. If you've always done the same exercises, but feel your thighs aren't responding the way you would like them to, here are some examples that stray a little from the standard squat, to give you a needed jump-start.

Squat With a Ball

Slightly different than a standard squat, this squat uses an exercise ball. Place the ball between the curve of your lower back and the wall, and stand with you feet shoulder-width apart. Keeping your body facing forward, bend the knees and lower your body. Hold for a few seconds, then stand up again. If you don't have an exercise ball, the same can be done with back flat on the wall.

Jumping Squat

The jumping squat is like a standard one on the move. Start with a regular squat in the downward position, then jump and land again, still in a squatting position. It's almost like leap-frogging without a person to leap frog over.

Squatting on Toes with Overheard Reach

With arms straight, hold a weight over your head with both hands while in a position that resembles sitting in a chair. Tighten your abs, and have your knees and ankles touching as you lower yourself half-way to a squatting position. Move forward onto the balls of your feet and lift and lower your butt, while keeping your arms outstretched throughout.

Lunges with Weights

If you've gotten too used to a standard lunge, try adding weights. Start with your feet hip-width apart and a hand weight in each hand. Lunge forward on one leg, with the knee from the opposite leg barely grazing the ground, while keeping your body upright. Bring your legs back to being hip-width apart and repeat several times. Repeat on the other side as well and equal number of times.

Side Lift

Lie on your left side with your left leg outstretched. Take your right leg and bring it over your left, with your foot flat on the floor. It should be as close to your body and as high up as possible. Rotate your left leg so that your inner thigh is facing upward, and raise and lower it. Repeat several times, then finish on the opposite side.

Is Spot Toning the Way to Go?

Of course if you only work on toning up your thighs, you likely won't get the results you're looking for. The only surefire way to make your thighs thinner is to lose weight, meaning it will be effective all over, not just on your thighs. There really is no surefire way of losing weight only on certain body parts, whether it's the thighs, stomach, or butt.

However, strengthening muscles aids in the weight loss process. It takes all of your body working together. Because of this, if thigh-toning exercises are included with other strengthening exercises and cardio, you'll be losing weight, which will slim down your thighs, as well as toning them.

A Well-Balanced Plan

It will take a well-balanced plan between a total body workout, thigh-toning exercises, and also a balanced diet to get slimmer thighs. The simple truth is that to make your thighs slimmer, you have to burn fat, and the only way of doing that is to burn more fat than your are consuming. Make sure that when you do the exercises outlined above that you combine them with strength-training, regular cardio, and a balanced diet.

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Thigh Slimming Exercises