Upper Arm Exercises

Upper Arm

Upper arm exercises are some of the easiest exercises to master within the fitness world, and fortunately, the equipment to achieve upper arm tone won't break the bank. The biceps and triceps are the two main muscles that can provide you with extra tone and definition in the upper arms. Working these muscles can help you look buff, or simply get rid of upper arm flab so you can look and feel better about yourself.

About Upper Arm Exercises

The part of your arm from your shoulders to your elbow is your upper arm, while your arm from your elbow to your wrist is your forearm. Your biceps and triceps are the parts of your arm that most people associate with strength and physique, and working them is essential to toned upper arms.

Your shoulder muscles are also sometimes considered part of your upper arm, and you can work those muscles separately to achieve an overall toned physique. One thing at a tim, though... here are some easy and effective upper arm exercises to do.

Arm Circles

Here's the epitome of the easy, at-home exercise, with no equipment required:

  • Sit in a stool or another chair without a back
  • Stretch both arms out perfectly straight, at a 90-degree angle to your trunk.
  • With your palms facing the ground, begin making circles by moving them forward.

When you get tired or your arms begin to sag, start moving them in the opposite direction. Do it as long as you can! A set or two every day will begin to tone the muscles in your biceps, triceps, and your shoulders faster than you can imagine. If it gets too easy, hold a lighter hand weight or a soup can (just make sure the soup can is full!)

Bicep Curls

A tried and true method of building your bicep is to do the classic curl.

  • Sit in a backless chair, and bend your arms at the elbow, bringing your fist up to the chest level.
  • Start with four sets of three reps and work up from there, adding weight when the exercise becomes easy.

Try a soup can, a bottle of water, or a heavy book to add extra resistance when doing bicep curls -you don't need expensive weights to make bicep curls start to show. If it's still too easy, add more weight or more sets of three.

Triceps Dips

  • Sit on a chair.
  • Placing your hands on the edge and pushing your legs in front of your body, inch yourself forward until only your arm muscles support your weight.
  • Utilizing these muscles, raise your body and then lower it in three sets of 15 dips.

Increase as the exercise becomes easier.

Shoulder Exercise

The shoulder is a part of your upper arm and can help balance your bicep and triceps workout, so do a couple of our shoulder exercises and find out how sexy it can feel to have toned shoulders.


You remember these from gym. The best part is, the pushup can affect your entire arm and even your chest and core positively.

  • Place your palms at around shoulder's length on each side
  • Keeping your body straight (don't stick that rear in the air!) lower your body until the nose touches the ground.
  • Hold it, exhale, and then lift your body back up.

Do it again in three reps of ten every day, adding more sets of ten repetitions as your body grows used to the exercise.

Shoulder Press

This exercise requires an inexpensive barbell.

  • Start the weights at chest level and push them up until they're over your head.
  • Extend arms fully, but don't overextend, hold, and bring it back down to the upper-chest level.
  • Repeat in two sets of fifteen.

Round Out Your Workout

Some upper arm exercises are able to work your shoulder muscles, and your biceps and triceps all at once. These activities can be great if you don't have time to work each muscle individually, or to finish off a workout and get a little extra exercise.


Imagine that guy or girl you don't like at work. Imagine their face. Got it? Now, punch!

  • First do it parallel to the ground, straight out in front of your body.
  • Next, punch their imaginary jaw, with your fist facing the ceiling.
  • Finally, try hooking them at the side of their jaw, making a curved motion to the outside of your body while keeping your arm parallel with the floor.

Feel better?

The Reverse Crab

  • Sit on the ground and put your hands on the floor.
  • Point your fingers toward your rear.
  • Keep the toes pointed straight and lift your rear end off the ground as high as you can.
  • Shift to your heels and take a few steps around, then relax.

Try it again! Add in some reverse push-ups (try doing push-ups in that same position) to enhance the workout to your upper arms.

These simple exercises should have you feeling buff in no time, with a little energy and effort on your part.

Upper Arm Exercises