Water Therapy and Exercise Interview

Vince Newman
Vince provides water therapy for many types of health conditions.

LoveToKnow recently had the pleasure of talking to physical therapist Vince Newman about the benefits of aquatic exercises in an exclusive water exercises interview. Vince Newman has over 27 years of experience in physical therapy in a number of areas and currently specializes in aquatic rehabilitation. His exercise techniques have helped many people deal successfully with general health, orthopedic rehabilitation and pain management through aquatic exercise.

Vince Newman, P.T. ATRIC., is a licensed Physical Therapist and a certified Aquatic Specialist who practices in Westchester, California as a part of the company, Water Physical Therapy Specialists. As a part of Water Physical Therapy Specialists, Vince provides aquatic rehabilitation and water exercise programs for patients recuperating from many different types of injuries and health conditions ranging from post-surgical therapy to cardiac health maintenance.

Vince graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Physical Therapy Program of California State University in Northridge, California in 1982. He has years of experience in physical therapy areas such as aquatic physical therapy, orthopedics, pain management rehabilitation, sports medicine, cardiac rehabilitation and brace and cast fitting. His experience includes operating two orthopedic private practices, working with heart by-pass patients and sports injury rehabilitation. Vince is also a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, the National Orthopedic Section and the Los Angeles Chapter of the Orthopedic Section.

An experienced expert lecturer, Vince has lectured on many physical therapy subjects that deal with fitness, managing back pain and injured athlete issues. Vince is also a professional representative writer in aquatic rehabilitation for the Health and Wellness Robek's online newsletter. He also gives educational presentation on aquatic physical therapy.

Water Exercises Interview with Vince Newman

Vince Newman believes that everyone can benefit from water exercise. Through his experience with multiple physical therapy specialties, he finds aquatic exercise to be one of the most beneficial types of rehabilitation. He talks to LoveToKnow about how water exercise helps treat health problems and keep people healthy.

A Life Changing Sports Injury

LoveToKnow (LTK): What led you to the field of physical therapy and ultimately, aquatic therapy?

Vince: I was an art major at UCSB (University of California , Santa Barbara) and going out for the Volleyball team and injured my knee while playing. This required knee surgery and that's how I discovered physical therapy (PT). Water physical therapy came into my life when visiting Germany and seeing people going into water on a daily basis! I then joined a water therapy company and after about six months, realized that they were not utilizing PT techniques and procedures in the water. I then left and started my own aquatic PT company.

Vince is a pioneer in the field of aquatic therapy.

Water Physical Therapy Specialists

LTK: What type of services and programs does Water Physical Therapy Specialists offer?

Vince: Physical therapy in the water. We treat almost every diagnosis that is treated on land, but in the water environment utilizing all the properties of the water to enhance the treatment process.

Aquatic Physical Therapy for Health Conditions

LTK: What type of health conditions can water physical therapy treat?

Vince: Almost every diagnosis with the exceptions of those that water would be a contraindication. Most orthopedic and neurologic medical conditions benefit greatly!

LTK: You are a Certified Cardiac Specialist. How does water therapy help people with heart conditions and recovering heart bypass patients?

Vince: Exercising in the water allows the heart to work with less strain on it due to the hydrostatic pressure in water assisting blood to return back to the heart. It has been documented that the heart rate remains at a lower rate while exercising the same exercises at the same level in water as compared to on land. Therefore, it's safer to exercise in water for most people especially those patients that are cardiovascularly compromised.

Vince Newman assists a patient with aquatic rehabilitation.

Benefits of Aquatic Exercise and Rehabilitation

LTK: What is the advantage of aquatic therapy over other types of physical therapy?

Vince: It's proactive. Reduced stress on joints and soft tissues allows for earlier rehab initiation. Reduced pain promotes earlier strengthening. (It) reduces atrophy, promotes quicker recovery (and) results in far less residual side effects compared to land PT. (It) allows severely compromised patients, severely obese patients and patients who are very acute and with pain to initiate rehab. (It provides) immediate pain reduction and exercise initiation.

LTK: How does aquatic rehabilitation help people recovering from an injury in general?

Vince: It allows patients to initiate rehab much earlier with far less stress and associated pain as compared to land physical therapy. This results in less scar production, less atrophy, less cardiovascular decompensation and faster overall recovery.

LTK: How does water exercise help keep people fit?

Vince: It allows patients to work harder and longer with far less residual stress placed on their body.

LTK: What type of water exercises do you recommend for general fitness?

Vince: Both deep water and shallow water for both general cardiovascular training fitness and specific strengthening exercising.

Vince's Special Aquatic Exercise Techniques

LTK: You have developed some of your own water exercise techniques. Do you mind sharing an example of one of your exercises and how you developed it?

Vince: There are quite a few new exercises and physical therapy manual techniques that I created during the 12 years treating in water. One such exercise technique is our resisted gait training. This is where we strap on elastic tubing in a belt worn by the patient and then we have them pull one of the therapists in the water graduating the amount of the resistance according to their ability to ambulate correctly upright and biomechanically correct.

Another exercise protocol is the mask and snorkel technique where the patient places a mask and snorkel on and performs an assortment of exercises for the shoulder, neck and upper quadrant while eliminating much of the strain on the neck since it's properly aligned in the water.

Advice for People Interested in Aquatic Therapy

LTK: Do you have any advice for people considering aquatic therapy for rehabilitation or water exercise for fitness?

Vince: I feel exercising in the aquatic environment is the safest form of exercising, while there is the least amount of strain and stress applied to all the weight bearing joints and musculature. This decompressed environment promotes an increased speed in the healing process with less irritating side effects that comes with exercising on land with gravity.

Aquatic exercise helps general fitness and injury recovery.

Water is the safest environment to perform exercises. It not only utilizes a type of isokinetic resistive force that helps prevent injury or strain during exercising, but also water supports the body and allows it to fully relax when at rest. The many properties of water stimulates all areas of the body, central nervous system, musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular system, all working together to enhance the healing process.

Thank You Vince!

LoveToKnow thanks Vince Newman and Water Physical Therapy Specialists for the interview. We know that many of our readers will find his expert insight into water exercise and rehabilitation helpful.

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Water Therapy and Exercise Interview