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The Weider home gym solutions provide you with fitness equipment that easily adjusts to work all the major muscle groups. On the Weider website, you can choose "home gyms" from the menu to check out their full-body systems, or you can choose specific equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells or other accessories.

Weider Home Gym Systems

The Weider website includes three systems on its "home gyms" page.

Weider Club 8980 W System

The Weider Club 8980 W System looks like a more traditional home gym, offering a weight stack and pulley systems, as well as a padded seat and leg bar. These accessories allow you to perform a number of weight-lifting exercises using up to 175 pounds of resistance. The system also features pull-up and dip stations, enabling you to use your body weight to workout your entire upper body. While the system does provide you with a compact home exercise system, it comes at a cost. The MSRP price of the Weider Club 8980 costs $799.00, with a web sales price of $699.00. But that's not all. You also have to pay for shipping, which will set you back another $125.00.

Weider X-Factor

The Weider X-Factor doesn't look like much of a home gym, but Weider claims that the two sets of four resistance bands forming a door-sized "X" will work every muscle in your body, using up to 210 pounds of resistance. The basic X-Factor attaches to any standard door, clipping over and under the door itself. The four resistance bands have loops that you can hook clips and accessories into, so that you can pull against the bands to perform your routine. In addition to the X-Factor, you also receive instructional DVDs to teach you how to use the system for the web sales price of $99.00.

Even though the website claims unlimited exercises, you are limited by the location of the clip attachment points. Each exercise requires that you either pull down from attachments at the top of the system, or up from attachments at the bottom. Also, keep in mind that resistant band training works differently from traditional strength training. Think of a rubber band. As you stretch the band, the resistance increases, and when you release the band, the resistance decreases. Exercise bands work the same way. When you use the Weider X-Factor, you won't be working at a single resistance throughout the exercise like you do with weight machines or dumbbells.

Weider X-Factor Home Gym

The Weider X-Factor Home Gym takes the Weider X-Factor a step further, providing you with a stand-alone system that doesn't require you to hook it up to a door. The X-Factor Home Gym also offers an additional crossbar bisecting the "X" horizontally, giving you an additional attachment point to initiate movements. Finally, this system has a pull-up bar and a back rest, allowing you to add pull-ups and hanging abdominal work to your routine. Overall, this option makes more sense in terms of exercise variability, but its $599.00 price tag plus $49.00 shipping fee may place it out of reach.

Other Weider Gym Equipment

In addition to the Weider home gym systems, other Weider equipment can enhance your overall home exercise routine. You can search the Weider site for the following items:

  • Traditional kettlebells
  • Variable resistance powerbells
  • Dumbbells
  • Door pull-up systems
  • Barbell sets
  • Traditional weight benches
  • Olympic weight benches
  • Pull-up/dip/knee-raise stations

Before you purchase home gym equipment, make sure you figure out what budget you can afford. While it's true that more expensive equipment often comes with helpful features, you can also build an effective home gym with a simple bench, some dumbbells and a stability ball.

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