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While most Winsor Pilates moves can be performed on a mat, adding Winsor Pilates equipment to the routine can help you achieve the results you want.


Developed by Joseph Pilates during World War I, what is now known as the Pilates workout builds strength and flexibility through a series of moves focused on the core. Balance, self awareness and resistance are at the heart of a Pilates workout.

Joseph Pilates began developing his workout routine on the floor, with his moves gradually growing into the modern Pilates mat routine. As he began to work with others, he added simple objects, such as bedsprings and keg rings, to offer resistance to the body.

Today, Pilates workouts range from the original mat work to the dynamic Pilates inspired workouts created by Mari Winsor.

Winsor Pilates

Mari Winsor, a certified Pilates instructor, has taken Pilates to a different level with her Winsor Pilates workouts. Based on the original Pilates moves, Winsor Pilates focuses on dynamic sequencing, or moving through the workout in a specific order of moves at a pre-set pace. The result is a total body conditioning workout that focuses on sculpting, weight loss and abs.

Types of Winsor Pilates Equipment

Pilates workouts are designed to be performed on both a mat and with equipment. Hundreds of moves from beginner to advanced require no equipment at all besides a mat or comfortable area on the floor. For additional resistance and challenge, you can add equipment from resistance bands to Reformer machines.

Since Winsor Pilates moves are most frequently performed at home with the use of an instructional DVD, the equipment needed is minimal and designed to not take up excessive space. The amount and type of equipment required to complete a Winsor Pilates routine will vary depending on your level of fitness and your DVD or program. You can complete Winsor Pilates moves with specialized equipment, sold with the DVDs, or with more basic Pilates equipment including:

Magic Circle

The magic circle or power circle is a flexible ring measuring 13-inches in diameter. Padded sections on either side allow the user to grip the ring with hands, arms, legs or place it between the torso and floor. The ring offers resistance when squeezed and can also assist with balance and correct placement of limbs during moves.

Exercise Balls

Exercise balls, or fitness balls can be used with Winsor Pilates routines. Using the balls to help find body awareness and balance can help to sculpt and work the core at the same time.

Exercise Bands

Exercise bands are a great way to add resistance to your Winsor Pilates routine without bulk machines or equipment. These flexible bands are available in multiple shapes and offer varying degrees of resistance. Use them to help sculpt legs, arms and core by tying them to different objects and positions.

The Accelerator

The Accelerator is a Winsor Pilates exclusive equipment which combines hand weights, resistance bands, a long weighted bar and attachments. Used together or separately the various pieces of The Accelerator work all areas of the body.

As with any workout routine, having the equipment will not help unless you are using it, and using it properly. Begin a Winsor Pilates routine with mat exercises before moving on to the Winsor Pilates equipment, to ensure you are at the proper fitness level and that Winsor Pilates is for you.

While Winsor Pilates was inspired by the original routines created by Joseph Pilates, there is significant differences in position, movement and routine. Add Winsor Pilates DVDs and equipment to your home gym slowly to ensure they are a good fit for you, and that they will be getting the use you intend.

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Winsor Pilates Equipment