Working Out Tips

Working Out Tips to Try

Just about anyone can benefit from working out tips, especially if you find that your fitness routine has grown stale.

Add exercise tools like stability balls, medicine balls and resistance bands to incorporate different moves into your program.

Exercise with a Friend

When you always exercise alone, it may be tempting to pass up your workout due to a myriad of excuses.

Working out with a friend or partner adds some accountability to your life. Plus, you may find you enjoy exercise more when you don't do it all by yourself.

Hydrate Properly

Replenish lost fluids with plenty of water. You may find you need more than the recommended eight glasses per day if your workouts are intense.

Keep water nearby and drink before, during and after each workout.

For Men and Women

Women, if you don't lift weights because you're afraid of "bulking up," you're missing out on a prime calorie-burning activity. Muscle tissue not only burns more calories than fat tissue, even at rest, it also takes up less space.

Slow and steady should be your mantra when lifting -- use your muscles, not gravity to move those weights.

Mix it Up

Don't let boredom derail your regular workout plans. Instead of performing the same routine day after day, mix things up.

Use whatever is available, like a park bench, and incorporate it into your fitness program. Head outside when the weather's nice. Use gallon milk jugs for weights.

Most of all, be creative!

Keep it Balanced

A series of working out tips should include a balanced exercise program. Don't only work out your upper half; your lower half needs strength training, too.

Likewise, you should train both sets of complementary muscle groups: biceps and triceps, quads and hamstrings, pecs and trapezius.

Try Different Workouts

Many people find that when they have fun while exercising, it doesn't feel like a chore.

Dancing and playing sports are two great ways to burn calories, but provide a lot of fun at the same time.

Don't Forget to Fuel

Even if you're trying to lose weight through exercise, you still need to eat. Nutritious, fiber-rich fare is better for your body than empty-calorie junk. Enjoy a post-workout snack and consume a meal that contains complex carbs and protein within 90 minutes of your routine.

Want more motivation? A slideshow on fun exercise ideas may be just the ticket.

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Working Out Tips