Benefits of Exercise

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Fewer than 5 percent of adults engage in minimal daily physical activity, and only a third of kids do. Unfortunately, this lack of activity can affect your health in a profoundly negative way. Keep reading »

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You're probably aware exercise has a ton of benefits. However, some of those benefits just might surprise you. Let LoveToKnow's fitness experts motivate you by showing you everything you can get from your physical fitness regimen.

Beneficial Movement

While exercise, in general, has many plusses, you may not realize you can benefit in different ways from particular types of exercise. Rock climbing, for instance, may have different benefits than riding a stationary bicycle, swimming or running; and anaerobic exercise offers different perks than simply running. Even just sweating, using a stand-up desk at work, or sitting on an exercise ball at your desk has all sorts of benefits you might not realize. What truly matters is you move your body regularly. Moving regularly will help you maximize the benefits of the effects that regular exercise offers.

Beyond the Physical

If that's not enough motivation for you, exercising also has social benefits, and regular exercise provides a mental and emotional boost. Exercise can not only soothe the savage beast and calm stress or anxiety, but it can serve as a pick-me-up to help you feel energized and focused throughout the day.

Get Moving to Feel Great

Regardless of why you choose to exercise, the truth is your body, mind, and spirit will thank you when you do. Whether your goals are to lose weight or stay in shape, regular exercise offers a lot of perks. That's why LoveToKnow's experts are here to help you find the benefits of the exercises you do, so you are excited to make your workouts a lifetime habit.

Benefits of Exercise