Benefits of Exercise

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Swimming is not only enjoyable, it's also an excellent exercise. A low-impact exercise, swimming is easy on the body's joints and allows a range of motion in the water that is unattainable on land for some people. Keep reading »

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Exercise isn't just about looking good - it's also about being fit and healthy and expanding your lifespan. If you want your body to function at its best, regular activity is a must. The many benefits of exercise are both physical and mental.

Living Your Best Life

The risks of a sedentary lifestyle are simply too significant to ignore. Conversely, the myriad benefits of regular exercise can't be disregarded either. Exercise can bolster your body's immune system and can even improve your mood and lessen anxiety. Group fitness and the social nature of a gym setting can turn exercise into a social activity. There is indeed great value to physical fitness. Self-care is incredibly important, and making the time for exercise in your schedule is the best way to thank your body for what it can do for you.

Selecting a Workout

While some people just can't get enough of the benefits of sweating, others prefer workouts more focused on the mind-body connection. The benefits of Pilates can't be understated as it strengthens the body's core, but for some people, anaerobic exercise like running sprints or a challenging indoor cycling interval class helps them feel their best. Something like swimming can provide both a challenging, beneficial workout while having a much lower impact on the body than something more intense. Regardless, the benefits of regular activity to the cardiovascular system is significant.

A Lifestyle Change

The hardest part about getting into a regular exercise routine is often just getting started. If you can make working out a normal part of most of your days, your health and mood will benefit. Getting kids accustomed to regular activity will help prevent obesity later in life and will set the stage for a healthy life. The truth is that once you get used to regular exercise as a lifestyle, you will miss it when you can't get to the gym.

Making Time for Exercise

Sometimes it feels like making time for exercise is nearly impossible, and that's why small lifestyle changes can be so impactful and helpful. For example, using a stand-up desk at work instead of sitting will give you the benefits of standing instead of sitting. Using a stability ball instead of a chair provides a gentle core workout throughout the work day. You don't have to exercise every single day at maximum effort and risk an injury - getting 30 minutes a day of activity daily is sufficient for most people.

Benefits of Exercise