Benefits of Spinning

Spinning Class

If you like the idea of participating in a group fitness class, yet you don't want to have to deal with tricky choreography, a spinning class may be a great fit. As a bonus, this indoor cycling class is well-known as an especially effective method for burning calories.

Calorie Burner

Spinning is a mainstay on lists of the best calorie-burning group fitness classes, and for good reason. Although the actual number of calories you'll burn in a typical spinning class depends on your body and your effort, estimates place the calorie burn of an hour long spin class at around 740 calories. That's an impressive number when compared to the approximately 250 calories you'd burn on a leisurely hour-long bike ride.

Low Impact

Spinning is a low-impact workout, making it a great option for people looking for an intense cardio workout without high impact moves. In most cases, exercisers stay on the bikes for the majority of the class (although there are some fitness centers offering spin classes with strength work intervals).

In spinning, there is no jumping, leaping or other high-impact movements that can be difficult for people with joint problems or people recovering from injuries. Some experts suggest that it's a good idea to incorporate low-impact cardio sessions into your regular routine even if you don't currently suffer from joint problems or have injuries because you can get a great workout without taxing your body.

Appropriate for Most Fitness Levels

Spinning is a highly customizable workout, with no tricky movements and equipment that is usually very easy to adjust. New exercisers -or those returning after a long period of inactivity- may find that spinning is a great way to get active.

The action of spinning the bike is fairly simple, so there is no tricky choreography to learn or balance movements to master before you can start sweating. Also, the resistance on spin bikes is controlled by individual users. In most instances, the instructor suggests the resistance for each phase of the workout, but every participant chooses her own level of effort. The only person who knows the actual resistance setting is the exerciser herself.

Great Training Tool

Whether you're trying to increase your physical endurance, or you want to train during the colder months for when you can begin riding your bike outside again, spinning can be an excellent way to get the conditioning you need.

A good spin class will include a variety of cadences and movements, giving you interval training as well as speed work. This helps you condition your cardiovascular endurance while also mimicking bike rides much better than an hour on a stationary bike at an even speed and resistance level.

Spinning class is a good option for cross-training for people who typically rely on running for their cardio workouts.

Targeted Results

While it's true that spinning benefits your entire body, many spinners find that their lower body - in particular, their legs and stomach area - start to shrink and show more definition after they've attended spinning classes regularly.

Spinning isn't necessarily designed to build muscle, but rather to help exercisers lose fat, which will certainly make muscle seem more defined and help give a leaner appearance overall.

Group Fitness

The benefits to group fitness are numerous, from camaraderie to competition. However, many people do not enjoy feeling crowded or watched by others while exercising, as is the case in aerobics and other group classes. Spinning allows you to enjoy the team effort of everyone working together while being encouraged by a certified spinning instructor, yet gives each individual her own space.

A Great Workout

Spinning yields all of the typical benefits of cardio including increased endorphins and better health, yet it also allows you to enjoy a fun workout that burns a bunch of calories in a relatively short period of time. To ensure you get the most out of your spinning class experience, bring plenty of water and speak to the instructor beforehand for help in adjusting your bike. There is a good chance you'll find yourself hooked on this calorie-scorching workout!

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Benefits of Spinning