Example Pictures of Isotonic Exercises

Visual Examples of Isotonic Exercise

Once you become familiar with examples of isotonic exercise, you'll be able to incorporate them into a versatile fitness routine. Pushups are one example of this resistance exercise.

You don't even need equipment for pushups so it's easy to do them anywhere.

Increase the Intensity

If regular pushups no longer feel like a real challenge, add equipment such as medicine balls and Bosu balls to increase the intensity of your workout.

Practice proper form and move slowly and with purpose to get the best results.

Not Just for Kids

While you may remember several examples of isotonic exercise from your school gym class, these exercises are great for all ages.

Pull ups can be performed on monkey bars while your children play nearby.

Lifting Weights

Bicep curls, tricep dips and many other weightlifting moves are also forms of isotonic exercise.

Free weights can be used at home or at the gym; with the huge range of weight, almost anyone can lift and become stronger.

Using Resistance

Resistance bands travel more easily than weights, so if you find yourself on the road a lot, take these bands with you to fit in an isotonic workout.

Stronger Abs

Sit-ups and crunches target your core and are a good form of isotonics that require no equipment.

You can also target your core with standing crunches if you don't like the traditional exercise.

Challenge Yourself

Lunges will strengthen your glutes and thighs.

They're simple to perform, but you can challenge yourself further by holding light weights in each hand as you step forward or backward.

With Equipment or Without

You can perform isotonic exercises with or without equipment, in the gym or at home. They're a wonderful way to tone your muscles and help you strengthen your body from head to toe.

Viewing pictures of people exercising can be a big motivator, especially if you want to know how to execute moves properly. Add isotonic exercise to your workout regimen and get fitter and stronger today!

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Example Pictures of Isotonic Exercises