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LoveToKnow Exercise brings you the latest fitness tips and exercise advice from leading health experts. Exercise is vital to achieving a healthy weight and getting fit as well as preventing chronic health problems. These interviews teach you about the meaning of physical fitness and how to achieve it. Whether you are a beginner or experienced exerciser, you will find helpful information to meet your fitness goals.

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The Exercise Expert Interview category includes fitness experts from many different disciplines, such as the following:

The featured experts are carefully selected to bring you a balanced picture of fitness today.

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The interviews you'll find here try to answer the questions you most want answered about common fitness issues. If the interview covers a new product, LoveToKnow helps you figure out how the device works and its special benefits, or how to build a home gym. When personal trainers are interviewed, you'll get exercise tips that you can use. Interviews that cover hot fitness topics, such as preventing childhood obesity, help you find solutions that fit your lifestyle.

You don't have to know a lot about fitness to get something useful out of the interviews. These informative articles aim to address the needs of each fitness level when providing tips -- so they offer something for the seasoned athlete as well as the beginner.

Explore the interviews and learn the latest in fitness from trends and exercises to equipment.

Exercise Expert Interviews