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Article Highlight: What Is Prescriptive Stretching?

A regular stretching routine is an easy way to prevent injuries, eliminate pain, and improve balance and flexibility. However, it is essential to understand how to stretch properly. Prescriptive stretching creates… Keep reading »

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Fitness professionals who can boast the title of "expert" have the type of information to share that is typically only available to people willing to pay for access to that knowledge. Demystify the process of losing weight, gaining muscle, or getting into better shape by learning from fitness experts.

Featured Experts

Fitness experts have different areas of expertise. While some are experts within a specific exercise protocol, others study the mechanics of human movement. The knowledge these experts amass in their studies and practical knowledge can help anyone in their quest for improved fitness.

Creating a Fitness Environment

Working out at home can strip away many of the excuses people use for not working out. With no commute to the gym, no membership fee, and no critical glances from other exercisers, a well-crafted home gym can make the task of frequent workouts easier. Learn about the right equipment to choose for your ideal home gym with advice from an expert in the field of creating home gyms.

Learning Exercise Protocols

While there are so many different workouts available, hearing about a specific format from the creators themselves can help you understand why they created the format in the first place.

Understanding Exercise Equipment

New exercise equipment and gadgets seem to crop up daily. How do you know which equipment actually works when every product makes claims of being the most effective fitness tool on the market? Get information straight from the inventors to help you decide if it's a piece of equipment that suits your fitness needs. Fitness gadgets come and go, but the knowledge of those who invent them can be quite valuable.

Learn From the Experts

Some fitness experts have made a name for themselves because of their spot-on advice. Others maintain a lower profile and excel in their particular field, whether that's sports rehabilitation therapy or preventing childhood obesity. Many fitness experts author books to share their knowledge while also bolstering their own credibility.

Becoming an Expert

While you won't become a fitness expert by simply following the advice of different fitness professionals, you can turn your passion for exercise into a career by pursuing a certification as a personal trainer. Advice on pursuing a certification provided by a professional personal trainer can help guide you in your path.

Straight From the Source

Interviews with fitness experts allow you to learn directly from the professionals who change lives for a living. Access to such valuable information can be helpful in any fitness journey, regardless of the desired outcome.

Expert Fitness and Exercise Advice