Pictures of Exercises for Seniors

Pictures of Exercises for Seniors

With people living longer and wanting to maintain healthy lifestyles into their later years, viewing pictures of exercises for seniors may be the incentive you need to stay active for life. Young and old alike benefit from exercise.

Lifting light weights is a good exercise even for the elderly.

Stretch it Out

Don't let your flexibility diminish as you age. Take a few minutes every day to stretch and keep your joints fluid and flexible.

Using a stability ball as part of your stretching routine involves your core muscles as well.

A Ride for Two

Bike riding is an activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Ride with a partner for twice the fun.

Maintain Muscle

Men and women can maintain good muscle tone with simple exercises like push-ups and pull-ups.

Little to no equipment is required and you don't need a lot of space, so these are exercises you can easily fit into your day.

Active and Sporty

You can take part in sports like golf and tennis your entire life. Golf involves plenty of walking and tennis keeps your coordination in tip-top shape.

Interacting with others while you play is another benefit.

Walk for Life

If you want a simple routine that's low-impact but still highly beneficial, walking is one of the best exercises for seniors.

A beachside stroll with a life partner is a wonderful way to start or end your day.

Aquatic Fun

As these pictures of exercises for seniors demonstrate, there's plenty of variety to be found! Swimming is gentle on the body and joints, and pool play is an activity you can enjoy with your children and grandchildren.

More pictures of people exercising may motivate you to get moving, no matter what your age.

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Pictures of Exercises for Seniors