Fitness Flyer Exercise Machine

Beth Asaff
Tired man on elliptical

If you want an inexpensive piece of exercise equipment for your home, consider using the Fitness Flyer exercise machine. This unassuming equipment can give you a low-impact workout in the comfort of your home for less.

About the Fitness Flyer Exercise Machine

The Fitness Flyer exercise machine is similar to an elliptical machine. To operate it, you stand with your feet on pads, while your hands grip the handles on either side. While pushing and pulling with your arms, your legs will move in a walking or gliding pattern to get a non-impact, total body workout.

Where the Fitness Flyer differs from a true elliptical is in its simplicity. The foot pads on the Fitness Flyer hang from a bar that supports the handles. There are no gears, cylinders, turning parts or a need for electricity. The hanging foot pads give the user the impression that he or she is walking or moving in mid-air.

The Benefits of the Fitness Flyer

There are a lot of different pieces of exercise equipment on the market today, all geared toward home use. So what makes the Fitness Flyer a good option?


While a treadmill may cost a couple thousand dollars, and require periodic maintenance which can add to the expense over time, the Fitness Flyer only costs a couple hundred. The machine needs few adjustments and little service, so the savings can really add up over time.


The Fitness Flyer can be folded up to take up very little room. While a treadmill or standard elliptical machine are heavy and should be left in place, the Fitness Flyer can be moved easily, which makes it an attractive option for those who live in apartment buildings, or other small homes.

Non-Impact Aerobic Exercise

For people with hip, knee or joint problems, weight bearing exercise can help to strengthen these areas, but high-impact exercise can often put stress on these joints. A non-impact, weight bearing machine like the Fitness Flyer gives people with joint problems the best of both worlds; a way to help build bone density and muscle strength without taxing already sore areas.

Drawbacks to the Fitness Flyer

As with many pieces of exercise equipment, while there are several positives, there may also be negatives for some people.

Not for Hard Workouts

If you want a really intense aerobic workout, or one that you can continue to grow with, the Fitness Flyer may come up short. In some studies done by the manufacturers of exercise equipment, the Fitness Flyer did not burn as many calories or get the participants' heart rates into the same zones as a similar amount of time and exertion on a treadmill. Therefore, the Fitness Flyer should only be used by those that are looking for some light aerobic workouts done in their own home.

Bare Bones

The Fitness Flyer exercise equipment is extremely bare bones. There is no interactive programming, heart rate monitoring, calories burned display or any of the other perks that many people come to expect from aerobic equipment. The machine is meant to be inexpensive and take up little space; if you want or need readouts, it will not provide it.

Other Fitness Flyer Equipment

While the original Fitness Flyer goes in and out of manufacturing by various companies, the low cost and basic design concepts are used by other pieces of equipment as well. Fitness Flyer also makes an abdominal exercise machine with a similar makeup; a hanging bar and pad allow you to use your own weight as resistance to build your abs.

Regardless of whether you are looking for strength training or aerobic workouts, a Fitness Flyer exercise machine does have its place in home gym equipment.

Fitness Flyer Exercise Machine