Get in Shape Without Leaving the House

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Are you guilty of saying "Why should we go out for food?! Don't we have a refrigerator?" or "We don't need to go to the movies! Why do you think Netflix was invented?"

If so, you may be an indoor enthusiast who believes almost anything can be done at home. So chances are you're not going to be schlepping all the way to a brick-and-mortar gym when you can work out at home. And we get that. All you need is some furniture and you're good to go!

At-Home Exercises for Your Butt

Oh the horrors of hopping on the dreaded StairMaster and treadmill to tone up that booty! No wonder you'd rather stay at home! If you can't be bothered to go all the way to the gym just to torture yourself, there are ways to transform your furnishings into at-home gym equipment.

Bulgarian Split Squats

If you've been dying for your behind to Get Right like Jennifer Lopez, the Bulgarian split squat is the workout for you. This exercise will not only perk up your butt, but will also build muscles, tone your tummy, and strengthen your legs.

  1. Stand in front of a chair.
  2. Place the right foot behind you onto the chair.
  3. Keeping all your weight on your left leg, lower your body slowly.
  4. Make sure your front thigh is parallel to the floor.
  5. Hold for six seconds while squeezing the glutes.
  6. Rise up by putting more weight on the front heel.
  7. Do 15 reps.
  8. Switch legs and repeat.

Glute Bridges

That firm tush you've been fantasizing about is just a few glute bridges away. According to Shape, on top of enhancing your gluteus maximus, this exercise can stabilize your core, which helps to thwart lower-back pain.

  1. Lie down on your back with a couch facing you.
  2. Put your heels onto the couch.
  3. Make sure your feet are pelvis-width apart.
  4. Lift your pelvis up until your body forms a straight line from your shoulder to your knees.
  5. Come back down.
  6. Do 15 reps.

At-Home Exercises for Your Arms

If your arms look as though you're about to flap away and fly south at any time, these at-home arm exercises will fight the flab.

Shoulder Raises With Water Bottles

If you want to add resistance but you don't have weights, that's ok - just grab two water bottles! Fitness expert Jessa Hinton shows you how to work your way up to getting enviable, shapely arms with this simple exercise.

  1. Grab and hold two water bottles.
  2. Start with your arms at your thighs.
  3. Lift upwards to shoulder level.
  4. Make sure to maintain good posture.
  5. Bring it back down to starting position.
  6. Do 10 reps.

Flamingo Dips

There's a reason why soap opera stars always look so good. Alison Sweeney from Days of Our Lives does flamingo dips to keep those bat wings at bay.

  1. Stand in front of a couch with an armrest.
  2. Place your palms on the armrest, making sure your fingers face forward.
  3. Bend your knees to a 90-degree angle while lifting your left leg until it's parallel to the floor.
  4. Straighten your arms and put your leg back down to return to starting position.
  5. Do 15 reps.
  6. Switch to the right leg and repeat.

Wall Push-Ups With Claps

To get rid of jiggly, wiggly arms, Prevention says all you'll need is a wall. That's it - a wall. So you have no excuse!

  1. Stand while facing a wall about 3 feet away and keep your feet hip-width apart.
  2. Fall towards the wall and catch yourself.
  3. Push off from the wall to come back to an upright position as you clap your hands in front of you.
  4. Fall back towards the wall and push off again, this time clap behind your lower back.
  5. Continue alternating between front claps and back claps for 60 seconds.

At-Home Exercises for Your Legs

The only chicken legs we want to see are on our dinner plates! To morph those shaky stumps into statuesque legs, skip the early morning jog and get trimmed in the comfort of your own home.

Decline Push-Up Leg Lifts

Get off the hamster wheel and use some real stairs. Shape suggests decline push-up leg lifts to whip those gams into tip-top shape.

  1. Start off in a plank position, facing away from the bottom of the stairs.
  2. Place your feet on the first or second step.
  3. Bend your elbows to do a push-up while raising your left leg.
  4. Return to your starting position and repeat the steps above with the right leg.
  5. Do 10 reps.

Calf Raises

Another cool workout you can do on a stair step? Calf raises.

  1. Stand hip-width apart on the edge of the stair step.
  2. The balls of your heels should be hanging off the step.
  3. Lower your heels until your toes start to lift off the step.
  4. Raise your heels back up until you're on your tippy toes.
  5. Do 8 to 12 reps.

Standing Leg Raises

If you have the grace of a clumsy oaf, MedicineNet says that standing leg raises will, in addition to strengthening your legs, improve your balance and poise.

  1. Stand behind a table and hold it for balance.
  2. Slowly lift your left leg to the side to make a 45-degree angle with your right leg.
  3. Hold the position.
  4. Bring your left leg down, but do not allow it to touch the floor.
  5. Do 10 to 12 reps.
  6. Switch legs and repeat.

At-Home Exercises for Your Tummy

There are only two types of guts we accept: the one that gives you the courage to save a life and the one that allows you to intuit that your shady boyfriend is up to no good. But the one gut that we refuse to stand for is the one that's keeping you from seeing your own toes! Try these gut-busting workouts that will blast that belly into the flat abs you've always wanted.

Toe Reaches

These toe reaches will tone that tummy so that you can actually see your toes.

  1. Lie on the floor facing a wall.
  2. Place your heels on a wall and keep your legs straight.
  3. Reach your left foot with your right hand.
  4. Come back to starting position.
  5. Reach your right foot with your left hand.
  6. Continue alternating.
  7. Do 10 reps.
  8. Note: this can also be done without a wall, depending on your space.

Leg Spinners

If you can't even get out of bed, we're not judging. But for lazy sloths like yourself, leg spinners are the perfect exercise. Okay - maybe we're judging just a little bit.

  1. Lie on your back on your bed.
  2. Keep your arms at your side.
  3. Lift your legs and draw circles in the air.
  4. Do 20 reps each way.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on sculpting yourself into a Greek god or goddess without ever having to see the light of day!

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Get in Shape Without Leaving the House