Choosing Single Station Exercise Machines

Single station exercise machine

When choosing single station exercise machines, you should take the time to review your options and consider what you ultimately want to get out of the equipment. You should also consider your priorities in terms of affordability, convenience, and versatility of the machine. Considering these factors can help you arrive at the best equipment for your money.

Setting Priorities

Probably one of the most important considerations when selecting exercise machines is affordability. You will likely find that these types of equipment are more expensive than other types of equipment simply because they have more to offer. Part of the allure is convenience.

They are great to have in the home gym because you can get in a complete workout with one machine. However, convenience doesn’t necessarily mean small. A single station machine may take up a lot of space. It will also likely be heavy -- very heavy if it includes weights.

When considering the money end, also think about size and set up. Remember, someone has to haul that machine into the house and set it up. Your back is equally an important consideration.

Using Your Gym Experience

Presumably, your single station machine is replacing a gym membership which can justify its upfront cost. However, your experience at the gym can help you make a better choice for an exercise machine. Think about the characteristics of the machines you enjoy working out with at the gym.

Consider comfort of the design. You may also want to opt for a machine that is intuitive and easy to operate. You certainly don’t want to have to read the manual or pop in a video every time you try to use it.

If the machine has weights, look at the increments. Less expensive machines may have larger increments to save on space and parts. However, making big leaps in weights as you grow stronger may not be the best exercise plan. The American Council on Exercise recommends increasing resistance at a rate between 5 to 10 percent with strength training.

Quality of Your Workout

Another thing to consider is how the machine will work for you. Ideally, the exercises you do on the machine are those which you enjoy. That’s part of the key to keeping you motivated. To make your exercising more effective, you may want to opt for a machine that will offer the greatest variety of exercises.

This doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of extra bulk. A cable machine, for example, offers many different variations on common exercises simply because it has a lot of different grips and attachments. Since a single station exercise machine is an investment in more ways than one, you should be able to get the maximum use out of it whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete.

The Little Things

Finally, take a look at the little things that can make a big difference in your exercise experience. Examine the grips and handholds of the machine to determine how comfortable it will be to use. When going through your exercise routine, do you have to do a lot of adjusting or moving of parts? Imagine you are using the machine and try to figure out how easy it will be to use.

Look at the bench or platform on the machine. Is it easy to adjust if more than one person is using it? Having to readjust the machine every time you use it can be a hassle. Examining the design can help you determine how much of a chore it will be.

A single station exercise machine is often the kind of thing people buy, then lose interest in it. There is nothing wrong with considering a used machine to help offset the expense. You may find huge savings by buying a secondhand model rather than one off of the sales floor. A lot of the classic models keep their same form.

Buying Wisely

Choosing a single station exercise machine is a hefty investment which will allow you to experience the benefits of strength training in your own home. Taking the time to consider the type of exercise experience it will offer can save you a lot of money and labor. As you browse, think about what you want out of your machine and let that be your guide.

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