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Tanja Djelevic
Fitness Expert Tanja Djelevic

LoveToKnow presents the Loud Fitness with Tanja Djelevic Interview. Fitness expert and celebrity trainer Tanja Djelevic talks about her Loud Fitness program and gives exercise advice to help people start working out regularly.

Meet Fitness Expert Tanja Djelevic

Swedish-born Tanja Djelevic received her formal fitness education at the renowned Swedish Academy of Fitness Education and then went on to get her Masters Degree in Psychology, specializing in Stress Management Therapy and Behavioral Life Coaching. She also received certifications from ACE, AFAA, Reebok and Powerhouse Pilates.

Tanja runs her own fitness program, Loud Fitness, and teaches classes at Hollywood Crunch Fitness, Equinox at Sunset Plaza and WEHO Fitness Factory. Her clients include celebrities such as Rachel Weisz, Matt Dillon and Pink.

The Loud Fitness with Tanja Djelevic Interview

Tanja Djelevic's Loud Fitness program educates people about total body fitness from exercise to healthy food choices. It includes a teen program called Loud Teenz tailored to encouraging teenagers to get more exercise and stay fit.

About Loud Fitness

LoveToKnow (LTK): How is Loud Fitness different from other fitness programs?

Tanja Djelevic (Djelevic): Loud Fitness is about Living Your Life Loud! It's about finding out what makes you happy and present, and to live it as intensely as you can. The training and fitness aspect of the way I work is based in a vast array of specialties, corrective strategies, sports science, and weight loss with precision. The other fundamentals of my work are to give nutritional guidance, teach stress management skills, and guide the client or participant towards a more genuine and fulfilling healthy lifestyle. Of course the mechanics of exercise are very important, but there is more to learning about healthy living. Health for the body and the mind!

LTK: What can a customized Loud Fitness program offer the average person?

Djelevic: Loud Fitness can offer a step-by-step, life-changing health program that continues to teach every step of the way. Change is an organic process, and willpower is a very important part of it, but of course it's also necessary to have the right information about all the different components that are to be implemented. It is a New Start!

Loud Fitness Phone Consultations and DVDs

LTK: What type of help can a client expect from a phone consultation?

Djelevic: In a phone consultation I find out about someone's history, his or her present life situation, and goals. With that as a foundation I design a specifically tailored program for that individual. Everyone is different and has to take a slightly different approach, but everyone wants to change and improve if they have come this far! I'm the guide, the little helper, the facilitator.

LTK: Please describe the benefits of the Reebok Bootcamp DVD and the 5 Day Fit Weight Loss DVD. Are both DVDs good for people of various fitness levels?

Djelevic: The Reebok Boot Camp DVD is for those who have been working out for a while and are looking for a challenge. With that said, I usually say that if you follow along and try to stay within your fitness level, you can modify and do most of the exercises I have designed, and then progress by doing a little bit more every time!

Tanja Djelevic Tanja Djelevic of Loud Fitness

Loud Teenz Program for Youth Fitness

LTK: How can the Loud Teenz program help teenagers get healthy and in shape?

Djelevic: I provide a safe environment where I teach as well as play. It is important to implement healthy patterns early, and Loud Teenz works with the individual teen and his or her specific situation and needs. This is a program for someone who seeks overall health, and not a quest for the perfect skinny body according to the magazines out there. It is hard enough to be a teenager; to know how to be healthy shouldn't be one of the greatest hurdles to overcome - it should be a right to know!

Services for People Outside of California

LTK: What services and products are available for people living outside of California who are interested in Loud Fitness?

Djelevic: I have two new projects coming out this month. One is an e-book called Your Life Force, which focuses on the importance of total body-mind health and the importance of finding a form of movement that you really love. The book covers fitness and also mindset, nutrition, and breathing, and includes a 10-week training program that you can do on your own at home or with family and friends.

I'm also excited to announce that I will be offering a Loud Fitness membership program where people can go to my website and download on-the-go workouts and breathing exercises, get tips on nutrition, and other inspirational and educational content each month!

Visit the Loud Fitness site for more information.

Exercise Advice for Busy People

LTK: If a person claims to be too busy to exercise regularly but wants to get in shape, what is your advice?

Djelevic: There are many different ways to incorporate exercise into your life. If there is "no time," it is not a priority. The fact is, you get results from the time and effort you put in, and sometimes very little is enough to help you stay healthy, invigorated, do better at work and in your life, etc…If your life is SO busy that there is NO time for self-care, then maybe it is time to identify what "too busy" means in your life.

Weight Loss Advice

LTK: What types of exercises are most effective for people who are overweight and trying to lose weight?

Djelevic: For anyone it is just important to start moving. Walking, swimming, playing, dancing! Where there is severe weight, just moving is imperative. Where there is a little weight, there has to be some more intelligent tweaking…the body is smart, and the more fit it gets, the more you have to know what you are doing to it. Since the body adapts to the workouts, and that is actually how you progress in fitness level, you always have to find new and exciting ways to exercise. It's a very organic process, which makes it constantly interesting and exciting.

Advice for Beginners

LTK: How should exercise beginners approach workouts?

Djelevic: It is important to create the right foundation for effectiveness and good progress. At the same time, it's important to find something that is intrinsically fun, as the definition of getting fit is to go through some pretty gruesome and challenging times. There should be planning, knowledge and commitment, and just a wholehearted carpe diem approach!

Take Charge of Your Health

LTK: What are the three most important things a person should change in her life to get healthy and fit?

Djelevic: Define your own health goals and what is important to You. Too many times we try to live up to societal goals. Inspiration and motivation can be taken from anywhere but the most important place is from inside of Yourself!

Plan. Strategize. Get help. If you have a solid plan that you trust, you will be very successful! There are tons of sources for help these days, online or in your neighborhood; signing up at your YMCA might be a good place to start for you!

Understand that is it a balance of four important components: Proper Nutrition, Proper Training, Proper Rest and Recovery, and Proper Mindset. They work together to create a successful healthy lifestyle. If one of the components is completely missing, there will be an imbalance that will lead to lesser results. With that said, it takes time to change and because this is a change for a lifetime, you can take it one day at a time!

To Learn More About Loud Fitness

Get to know Tanja Djelevic and her Loud Fitness program by visiting her Loud Fitness official site for information on following her program remotely through her books, DVDs and blog, or attending local California classes.

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Loud Fitness with Tanja Djelevic Interview