Water Aerobics Equipment

Pool noodle
Water noodles aren't just for kids.

There is a variety of water aerobics equipment available for anyone who enjoys a good water workout. This workout equipment offers a great way to add variety and challenge to your cardio and strength training regimen. These items can also make your workout more fun, which will likely inspire you to workout more often. While you don't need every piece of equipment discussed here, consider adding a few pieces to spice up your regular routine.

Overview of Equipment Used for Water Aerobics

Water aerobics became popular due to the fact that it's a great way to perform cardiovascular training without the impact typically associated with this type of exercise. The water allows you to be buoyant while performing aerobic exercises, eliminating your body's weight on your joints. For this reason, water exercise is particularly popular with seniors and with those who've experienced injuries. However, with the addition of some water aerobics equipment and weights, this type of workout can challenge just about anyone, from beginner to athlete.

There are many different types of water aerobics weights, products, and other equipment that can aide you in your workout. Here are just a few of those.

  • Aqua Dumbells - Aqua dumbbells are used during water workouts to add a strength training aspect, which will not only help build arm muscles, but will amp up the cardiovascular component.
  • Weight Cuffs - Exactly like the name suggests, these cuffs are weighted and made for use during aquatic exercise. Though your body still has the benefit of buoyancy and pain-free joint movement, these cuffs allow you to add a little challenge to your routine. The added benefit is that you can choose where you put the weight. If you have pain in your legs, wear the cuffs on your arms only or vice versa. Cuffs range in weight from as low as one pound and go up from there.
  • Water Noodles - A popular toy or pool exercise product, the water noodle has a variety of uses. Because they are slim, lightweight, flexible, and made of foam, these noodles can be used as a floatation device for new or poor swimmers and children. They can also be used during water exercise or for use in water jogging. It should be noted that water noodles are not a replacement for life jackets, especially for small children.
  • Webbed Water Gloves - The webbing between the fingers in these gloves allows swimmers to get more surface area while swimming for aerobic exercise, making this an excellent choice for exercise equipment.
  • Kickboards - Much like the water noodle, kickboards are excellent for poor or new swimmers. Additionally, a kickboard allows those with weak upper body strength to get in an aerobic workout by swimming and holding onto the kickboard.
  • Jog Belts - These belts feature a foam core that helps the body maintain buoyance while performing water exercise routines or during aqua jogging.

Where to Purchase Your Equipment

While many water aerobics classes allow students to use the facilities equipment, many people like to purchase their own for home use or for use at the gym pool. Consider shopping at the following retail locations.

  • Online - Many fitness websites, as well as big name sellers and resellers, offer a wide selection of fitness equipment, including those used for water workouts. Be sure to read the reviews before purchasing a new product.
  • Sports Equipment Stores - Many stores, such as Sports Authority or Dick's Sporting Goods, offer a selection of water workout gear. Often, their websites will also include these items for quick and easy shopping.
  • Discount Retailers - Large retailers, like Walmart and Target, may carry a small selection of popular water workout gear. The selection can vary based on geographic location and season.

Make Sure You're Healthy Enough for Water Aerobics

A water workout offers a great way to get your heart pumping and get your body in shape. Be sure to talk to your doctor before embarking on a new cardiovascular endeavor to make sure you're healthy enough for this aerobic activity.

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Water Aerobics Equipment