Supreme 90 Day Interview

Supreme 90 Day System

LoveToKnow welcomes fitness experts Michele Collier and John Dull, creators of the Supreme 90 Day System. This workout program offers a home-based, total body workout to people of all fitness levels. Collier and Dull discuss the benefits of the fitness system and how to get the most out of the program. In addition, you'll find a helpful review of the program after the interview.

About the Supreme 90 Day System

Supreme 90 Day System is a fitness program that uses high-intensity interval training to provide a combination of strength training, cardio and core exercises. The program can help people build strength, sculpt their bodies and lose weight. Both beginners and experienced exercisers can get benefits from the workouts. The program's use of interval training helps people see continuous results instead of hitting the plateau common in many exercise routines as the body adapts to workouts.

Personal trainers Michele Collier and John Dull used their combined experience of 20 years of fitness training to create the Supreme 90 program. They designed the exercise program in a 10-DVD set of workouts featuring personal trainer Tom Holland, M.S., that guide people through detailed exercise demonstrations and instructions. The program provides exercises that allow people to work out a different part of the body for 35 to 45 minutes daily in progressive intensity over a 90 day period. The set includes a success chart and free online support for extra guidance and motivation. The system also encourages healthy eating and includes a Nutrition Guide for meal planning written by Tosca Reno, the New York Times bestselling author of The Eat Clean Diet book series.

Clap pushup demonstration by Michele Collier and Tom Holland
Clap pushup demonstration by Michele Collier and Tom Holland

Supreme 90 Interview

Personal trainers Michele Collier and John Dull created the Supreme 90 program to make exercise more accessible to everyone. Collier and Dull tell LTK that Supreme 90 is clinically proven to deliver results. It is a body transformation program to decrease body fat and increase lean body mass.

How the Program Works

LTK: According to your website, the program uses muscle confusion to accelerate results. What is muscle confusion and how does the program use it?

CD: Simply put, muscle confusion is varying your workout program by changing the types of workouts you do every day. With Supreme 90, you will do resistance training, cardio based workouts and core conditioning.

LTK: The system offers a nutrition plan by bestselling author Tosca Reno. Please explain the benefits of the nutrition plan for fitness goals and what type of diet you recommend for program participants.

CD: We recommend this nutrition plan because it incorporates small frequent meals throughout the day that consist of a combination of protein and carbohydrates. This combination helps to keep your energy levels up and aids in your body's recovery.

LTK: Do you need any special exercise equipment other than hand weights and a stability ball to successfully complete the program?

CD: Absolutely not. That's what makes this program so great. You don't need any special or expensive exercise equipment to complete it.

LTK: What advice do you have for new Supreme 90 participants?

CD: We would advise all new participants to take a before picture and body measurements so they will be able to track their results.

Michele Collier demonstrating dumbbell swing-throughs
Michele Collier demonstrating dumbbell swing-throughs

Program Benefits

LTK: Will the program also help individuals who are significantly overweight improve their fitness?

CD: Yes. This program is designed for everyone. You just need to stick with it and the changes will occur.

LTK: What does the program offer experienced exercise enthusiasts?

CD: New and exciting workouts that will challenge even the most experienced exercise enthusiast. It utilizes the most current protocols to increase lean body mass and decrease body fat.

LTK: The program has a dedicated members-only website. What kind of benefits does this membership offer? Do you have to pay a fee to become a member?

CD: There are no fees required to become a member. Anyone who buys Supreme 90 can log on. The website offers a place to communicate with other Supreme 90 participants. It also includes nutrition and fitness tips as well as special offers.

Dumbbell press exercise demonstration
Dumbbell press exercise demonstration

Review of Supreme 90

LoveToKnow received a free review copy of the Supreme 90 Day System. This program offers a lot of guidance to the consumer, in the form of the following:

  • A nutrition guide: The nutrition guide by fitness expert Tosca Reno provides a shopping list and meal plans that are accessible to most people. The meal plan is not rigid and allows some substitutions. You can eat healthy carbs, such as whole wheat bread. The foods are basic and easy to find in grocery stores. The menus are easy to prepare.
  • The success chart: The success chart guide provides daily goals for workouts so that you know which exercises to do.
  • The workout DVDs: The instructions are clear and easy to understand.
  • Free online support: Everyone who purchases the program gets access to the free online support on the official website. This can help answer any questions you have or keep you motivated by talking with others on the program.

Impressions of the Workouts

The workouts are challenging, and beginners to exercise will find that they will need to ease into the program. Since this program is aggressive, it is easy to overtrain if you are not careful. You just have to do the best you can at your fitness level without overtraining. It is really important to not overextend yourself in a workout before you are ready because you risk injury. The good news is the exercise system does not require you to keep up to get anything out of it. The idea is that you will progressively get stronger and increase endurance for the workouts. A beginner who is easing into the workouts can still get an effective workout with these exercises.

The instructions for each exercise are easy to understand and demonstrated in a way that beginners can copy. The set-up of each workout is motivating and professional to create the feel of working with a personal trainer or taking an exercise class.

The program's exercise schedule also makes things interesting because the focus changes daily. This is good for people who are easily bored with workouts. However, if you don't like scheduled workout routines that are pre-set, you may not like such a rigid exercise schedule for 90 days.

Rest days are included in the 90 day workout schedule, which is important for a healthy exercise plan, especially one as rigorous as this one.

Effectiveness of the Program

The Supreme 90 program is designed to combine exercise with a balanced, healthy diet. The reviewer found that this diet plan that recommends six daily meals is a good one to provide energy for the workouts. It is also a diet that can allow for weight loss and makes the urge to snack less likely. A person does not have to follow this particular diet to still see results from the workouts, but it does help.

Can anyone get the dramatic results advertized by the manufacturer? If a person follows the 90 day exercise plan, he will see some improvement in his body because he is getting a significant amount of regular cardio and strength training. The results each person sees are individual and depend upon his original weight and fitness level at the start of the program. However, no one should expect to be transformed into a bodybuilder or fitness model in a mere 90 days. The beautifully sculpted bodies of the fitness models in the workout DVDS and on the package cover took more than 90 days and this package of workouts to form.

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Supreme 90 Day Interview