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Transform Your Beach Bod With These Free Workout Apps

Couple on beach

If you're anxious to squeeze back into that itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie, yellow polkadot bikini at the beach again, fret not, sunbathing enthusiast! These handy mobile workout apps will help you whip that glorious beach bod of yours back into shape just in time for summer.

1. Strava Running and Cycling

Woman runner

Cardio is an excellent form of exercise. You could go and take the boring route of staring blankly into the distance as you run on a treadmill on a virtual highway going nowhere. Or you could brave the outside world and actually enjoy some fresh air for a change. In case you forgot what fresh air is, it's like the recycled air in your office, but with less stagnation and the lingering stench of disappointment.

If you're going to run outside, flailing your arms around like a madwoman while mindlessly meandering through the city might not be the best way to do it. And if you're not down with Spandex Becky's judgemental stares, a much more supportive jogging partner can be found with the Strava app for your iOS or Android device.

Perfect for running or cycling, the app tracks your journey with GPS. With this data, you can compare your time across specific sections of road or trail against your previous efforts (and other runners). The included challenges and leaderboards will help you rev up that competitive spirit as well.

2. Daily Ab Workout FREE

Woman doing sit-ups

One of the most common problem areas for both men and women who want to attain the beach body of a Greek deity is the belly. Even your ardent dedication to jogging every day isn't going to give you washboard abs. You need some muscles in there!

The appropriately named Daily Ab Workout app is available for both iOS and Android, delivering the personal trainer experience at a fraction of the price. Because zero over anything is the best kind of fraction, right? Choose between two different 5 to 10 minute ab-sculpting workouts (demonstrating videos included). The on-screen instructions make it easy and the app works without an Internet connection for added convenience.

3. FitStar Yoga

Yoga Class

For an overall slender and healthy look, you can't do much better than a terrific yoga routine. It's also great for reducing belly flab, which is perfect for achieving the ultimate beach bod. If you don't want to pay insane monthly fees to be surrounded by sweaty people dripping their way across squishy mats, do your downward dog and warrior poses in the privacy of your home with the FitStar Yoga app.

You can adjust the duration and intensity of the sessions to suit your skill level, and the streaming custom audio tracks help maintain your inner calm as your thighs start to burn and your knees start to twitch. Because yoga is so relaxing. The app will also track your progress, unlocking new poses and badges.

4. Nike+ Training Club

Runner tying shoelaces

For complete fitness, you need the total body workout offered through the Nike+ Training Club mobile app. Free on both iPhone and Android, it boasts over a hundred workouts, complete with NikeFuel integration. Set your objective and choose the level of difficulty to define the types of exercises.

The training club comes with built-in social guilt trips, or as they say, "motivation." Make friends with other users and you can compare progress. And when you see that Doris and Dilara have been sticking to their routines and you've skipped your last 3 sessions, you'll be a heck of a lot more motivated to get back into the game.

5. Best Butt Fitness

We can't forget the derriére! Available for iOS and Android, Best Butt Fitness will help you tone those glutes and achieve the perfect bubble butt with exercises that go far beyond your basic boring squats, all without leaving the brilliantly climate-controlled environment of your home.

Set the target area and duration for a complete routine. Lunge into those leg raises and frog tucks and get down low with the sumo squat to prove who's the yokozuna of badunkadunk.

And don't worry. If you encounter a more advanced technique, you can always skip ahead and keep the timer going.

Slow Motion Baywatch Running

No matter how advanced a workout app is, it's still not going to do the heavy lifting for you. You've got to put in the time and effort to run your miles, strike your yoga poses, and crunch your abs on a consistent basis. You'll also need to consider your time frame and set realistic goals. But with these apps, you're definitely off to a great start for summer!

Transform Your Beach Bod With These Free Workout Apps